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anyone tried psvane 12at7
Hello,I've been using a set of Psvane 12at7's in a MP-1 Mk ii and I find them to be detailed and neutral - currently have about 30 hours on a ZYX Universe II. Prior to this I was using RCA black plates which I found to be a bit richer sounding but... 
Well Tempered Reference Arm
Mred, I also have an interest since I have a Well Tempered reference arm & table also. Note that my table goes back to the square motor design.I also have a Wally Tractor and Wally sent me one that had an effective legnth of 235mm, same as a G... 
Why Can't Tubes Be Mass-Produced Cheaply?
I've also wondered about this. Audiophiles are willing to pay enourmous amounts for cartridges, interconnects ...etc.Could another reason be that the older tubes used materials or processes that could be considered hazardous thus they couldn't be ... 
Well Tempered Reference Vs Nottingham
Thanks again for the responses - I didn't realize it now costs 10k. The motor idea sounds better already. Thanks 
Well Tempered Reference Vs Nottingham
Everyone that responded,Thanks so much: my wife thanks you probably more than I do.I'm sure all of you get the itch to upgrade and that's what I'm going through. I believe that I can upgrade the motor so I'll probably do that. Guess I'll check wit... 
power cords for Atma-sphere amplifiers?
I've noticed the a number of owners use TG Audio SLVR's. They pop up on agon periodically. I just picked up a pair and I'm very happy with them on my MA-1 Silver Editions. Please note that along with them, I installed a dedicated 20 amp line which... 
best time/worst time to sell equipment
My best times have been February thru the end of April and October through mid November. 
How To Match Power Tubes
Dennis,I got into this a while ago when I owned an ARC VT130se. This particular amp required 4 matched 6550's since the bias adjust controlled all 4 of them. There were 8 total.After contacting a couple of tube persons and waisting time and money ... 
The passing of Shirley Horn - Jazz Legend
You Won't Forget Me was a very appropriate title that she performed.She certainly won't be forgotten. 
What's your worst excuse for an upgrade
The Spinal Tap reasoning: The new piece is an 11 - 1 better than a 10.I need to compare two components to see which one is better. To the wife: I can always sell it if we need to on Agon - I won't lose that much. 
What's your worst excuse for an upgrade
Because I can. 
What music would you like at your funeral?
Wooly Bully by Sam the Sham and the Pharohs.Always thought it would crack everyone up. 
MFSL 45 rpm Patricia Barber reissues
Thanks for the update. Hope I get mine soon - I ordered Nov 1st. I noticed that Companion is pushed off until Spring. 
Helikon or Shelter 501/901 ?
Hello Dave,I have an older (square motor) Well Tempered and I switched from the Helikon to the Shelter 901. I felt that the Helicon seemed faster and had tighter images. On the other hand I felt that the Shelter was smoother and had a better low e... 
Audio Research VT100 - MKI or MKII or MKIII?
In addition to lg40's recommendation, I would look for NOS replacement tubes for the input stage such as Siemen's 6922's. This will smooth out the tonality quite a bit from the Sovtec's.