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Cost to Rewire a Tonearm?
@paulcreed I bought the Discovery cable already assembled directly from Discovery, not as raw cable.  I assume the skinny wire portion is the 32g wire sold by PCX but I don’t know for sure.  As I said, that wire only extends a few inches past the ... 
Cost to Rewire a Tonearm?
I would estimate $100-150 for the labor alone.  The cost of cable and connectors can vary all over the map.  I replaced the Cardas wire and KLE plugs on my Analog Instruments Siggwan arm with ZavFino 1877Phono copper Litz wire.  By that time I had... 
I hardly ever check this forum any more but I did today and I read this entire thread.  And it reminded me why I don’t read threads here.  Same people arguing about the same topics, over and over.  Don’t you get tired of this?  You guys need to mo... 
Do you all agree when Prince said the 60s, 70s and 80s were the golden ages of music?
As a jazz fan, I would say the golden age was the 40s, 50s and 60s, sonically as well as musically. 
What high end cartridge matches best with the Wheaton Triplanar tonearm?
I use a Benz LP on my Triplanar VII, and it’s a great match. 
List a Condition you know of that will produce Better Sound
Unplugging unused gear from your preamp and from the AC wall outlet ALWAYS results in better sound.  In other words, if you’re listening to LPs unplug the input cables for your CD player, DAC, FM etc. from your preamp or amplifier.  And also unplu... 
Cost of state of the art?
I have never understood the hype over the Starker discs.  I have the Speakers Corner reissues, and I greatly prefer the Pierre Fournier recordings on Archiv, both musically and sonically. 
Embrace The Joy Of Microphonic Equipment
If I am recalling correctly, Dennis Fraker of Serious Stereo said the same thing—tubes that are a bit microphonic can sound better.   
Spendor D9.2 vs. Harbeth super hl5 plus xd + REL Stentor III vs. Spendor Classic 100?
Like so many former SP100 owners have said before me, I regret selling mine.  They are not for everyone but to my ears they had a wonderfully natural musical sound when driven with a quality tube amplifier.  I have never heard the Classic 100 but ... 
Who, do you think, designs the best looking tube-based devices?
The best looking tube gear in my opinion is made by Emotive Audio Design.  The Erato and Epifania preamps especially. 
Custom Faceplate Source?
Front Panel Express will do a quality job, but you have to use their software to input all of the details (hole locations and size, lettering, etc). 
Do WBT spades need break in?
Yes, the spades need break in.  A few years ago I experimented with different types of Cardas spades, and each set changed as it accumulated more hours.  I don't see any reason why WBT would be different.  Give the spades at least 100 hours of pla... 
Bucky Pizzarelli dead at 94
One of my all-time favorites. 
Preamp Output Capacitor: Mundorf Supreme vs. Supreme Silver Oil
If I am going to be in a minority, I don’t mind having Ralph from Atmasphere in my corner.  Over the years I have noticed that Ralph’s observations often agree with my own.  That said, I am not sure I agree with Ralph’s implication that problems w... 
Preamp Output Capacitor: Mundorf Supreme vs. Supreme Silver Oil
Not everyone agrees that a small bypass cap improves sound quality.  I have tried bypass caps in all sorts of applications going back literally 40 years and I haven’t found a single instance where the bypass improved sound quality.  The bypass cer...