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Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC?
Hi Raul and all,The discussion has been most informative and I have been trying to read (scan) the thread from its beginning, but it is l-o-n-g. But at any rate, I am most appreciative of the informed discussion.Question: what is the email address... 
Cd mats, weights et. al.
Ditto on the Marigo mat. I use the Signature 3D and it makes the music presentation more life-life. Brings out more detail and information. Years ago I used the double disc tweak that you mentioned. It works also, but in comparsion with the Marigo... 
What Amp to drive Apogee Centaur Majors?
The Odysseys will make the Apogees sing. I use a pair of mono xtreme se's (I think that's the model) on a pair of Duetta Signatures and this combo is stunning. 
Rogue Audio M 180 fuse upgrade
As others have pointed out, fuses are designed to protect your components. In case of component failure, like a short, the fuse would blow, shutting off further current flow, and hopefully, preventing damage to other components in the unit. Increa... 
whole house surge protector?
Like the two previous posters, I strongly recommend the EP-2050. In addition to protecting against surges it lowers the noise floor by removing hash and other distortion coming in on the lines as well as the stuff placed on your house lines by the... 
All things Bill Evans.
Thanks for the insightful commentary. Never really thought of Evans as a sideman---only on "Kind of Blue" where I really noticed that he did a great job of holding it together. Will now start to actively look (listen) for him. 
Jazz must have pressings???
For me, it's the 3 Ms---Miles, Monk, and Metheny; Bill Evans is in there also.Desert Island disc: Miles' Kind of Blue 
Audio Buffer
Primare,Yes, I reduced the volume at the pre to compensate for the 6db boost when testing. However, given that the output of my SACD player has been reduced and my pre is passive, the 6db boost merely gets me back to the output level before the mo... 
Audio Buffer
A louder volume and greater dynamics. At first, I wasn't sure about the extent of increase in dynamic range; but when I carefully controlled for the loudness increase that the buffer provides, the increase in dynamics became apparent---at least, i... 
Audio Buffer
I inserted the Burson AB160 RCA into my system (between the pre and amp) about a month ago, and I'm very pleasantly impressed (actually stunned) by its performance. My system is very transparent, highly articulate, and reproduces the musical emoti... 
Power Cord for $50 or less?
If possible, listen to the cables you are considering purchasing in your system before you buy, and/or check the dealer's return policy. It is all about synergy. What sounds good in one system on one component may sound terrible in another. 
Did anyone experience Audio Prism's Ground Control
Hi all,After following this thread for a while and reading the various reviews of the GCs online, I finally decided to try a couple of pair on my biwired modified Apogee Duetta Signatures (for those not familiar w/these, they are full range ribbon... 
Quietest BUDGET high-current power cord?
I have not tried it, but a budget priced pc that was designed for amps and the delivery of high current is getting a lot of positive buzz---pangea 9. If I were in the market for pcs, I would check it out. Think it is available at audio advisor. 
Where to place Aurios?
I place mine under the chasis. Placement is determined by balance and sound. Generally, I find that one placed under or near the power transformer and, if a cd player, under the drive motor improves sonics. Balance is usually influenced by cable d... 
Modified SCD-1 Service ?
try:Bill Thalmann, 703-764-7005musictechnology.comHe's the East Coast agent for VSE and installs their upgrades in the SCD-1/777 players. Located in VA.