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$10k Speaker Cables??????????????
cakyol +1. Does it really matter what the price is?  The market sets the price. There may be a few people out there who are willing to pay that price and they could care less. The market is set to what the majority of us are willing to pay for cab... 
Speakers for a very large room?
Thanks to everyone for providing recommendations and education. I will be able to come back to this post once I am set up for some direction. It has been incredibly helpful. Rich 
Speakers for a very large room?
Ok. I have to admit that I am one of those loyal McIntosh customers but would be willing to eventually upgrade in-brand.  They have treated me well over the years and I love the warmth with the kind of music I like. Might be short sighted but it i... 
Speakers for a very large room?
Thanks you all for the responses.  I will definitely look into the Tannoys.  Never thought about horns but will research.  I am not sure I have very many options other than to make the large room work.  System certainly not going in the master bed... 
Speakers for a very large room?
Thank you eric_squires. I was not familiar with JBL Studio Monitors until you gave your strong recommendation for them. I am sure they sound just fantastic in your set up. I only wish I could upgrade to that level of listening that you endorse.  M... 
Speakers for a very large room?
Thank you Larry. I have considered that but I am not sure my SO will allow such a thing hung in the corners of the room. I think I can probably get away with some throw rugs. That is always the push-pull of this situation. If I can't do room treat... 
Speakers for a very large room?
I also forgot to say I think my budget for speakers alone would be in the $6,000 range. Thanks.Rich 
A way to listen to a large collection
Completely agree. Since I have my LPs in alphabetical order, I have a general sense of what I am picking but I have never been let down. I bought them for a reason. The reason is I love the progressive rock era. I find a new purpose every time I p... 
Difficulty with SoundStageDirect
While SSD may be struggling, there are still some good people in this world.  
Best audio companies and dealers
Behrens AV in Jacksonville FL was more than courteous, professional, fair. and timely. Bill was a pleasure to work with even though I never met him face to face. Highly recommended for those of us living in southeast Georgia. 
New Audiogon equipment search format.
I think we all need to take a deep breath and chill. It obviously didn't work out like the way they were hoping, whatever the underlying intention was. They claim they are going to rectify the issue. Let's give them a chance. Your voices have been... 
Wrong way to clean a stylus!
Okay, I feel better after hearing about the Bat Cave debacle.  Thank you Koestner for making my day not feel so bad.Rich