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Any Audio Enthusiasts in Alabama?
Almost completed room. We will start measuring the room response and complete the installation.    
Adjusting Infinity IRS servo controller
Here are some pictures of the Genesis Servo amp and columns. There is no service procedures on the feedback to be found. You can see the 2 adjustment pots per channel on the board. Any ideas on test procedures for this??   Mark    
Any Audio Enthusiasts in Alabama?
Do any of you know of a good repair shop or repair person in the Huntsville area. I'd like to have the Genesis servo amp looked over and calibrated/checked. The hard part is the bass columns weight about 250lbs each, and I am extremely reluctant t... 
Adjusting Infinity IRS servo controller
Is there anyone who can provide a copy of the settings/manual for the IRS servo amp. I have a Genesis 2 system and the amp should be checked out to insure it is performing properly. I figure that it may give some insight for myself and others. Doe... 
Any Audio Enthusiasts in Alabama?
Our new home is being built in Cherokee Ridge just South of Huntsville. Completion of the home is estimated to be done in April of 2022. The audio room will be left unfinished and I will complete the room myself. If there any takers who would lend... 
Music server for a newbie
Jriver is nice EXCEPT its database for tagging is limited. They won't even think about using a scraper on freedb.org. SO, if you have unlimited time to fiddle with completing the tagging operation and want to add to the database, have fun. For the... 
Sorry for Q- Need help moving to music server.
Download Foobar2k, it's free, and load it on your PC. It has many plug-ins to control your playlist from your phone. Rip a couple CD's to the drive and get a feel for working with Foobar. Make sure you have enough space on the drive for your colle... 
Looking For SACD-R Player
Flash back to the older firmware. Problem solved 
MF Tri Vista 21 channel dead
Cost was $70.00 for the tubes from SND Tube sales. 636-939-9190. Raytheon 5703 tubes 
MF Tri Vista 21 channel dead
I replaced the (4) 5703 tubes in the DAC and the problem has been resolved. The glass was cracked on 1 tube taking out the channel. A bit time consuming, but fairly easy.MAK 
Musical Fidelity is really makin me mad
I see there is no USA distributor for MF. I have a Tri Vista DAC and wanted to contact service. Right now....Forgettaboutit.MAK 
Genesis 300 transducers
From what I gather, my Genesis 2's have the Carver ribbon on them. Anyone certain of this ? Also, does anyone have any information or copies of reviews, or manuals on the Genesis 2 system. Your help is appreciated.Mark 
Genesis - a new loudspeaker
Mountain High,Are you serious in the Genesis as a "copy" of Polk Audio speakers. The 1.2, 200 series and 300 series are and were state of the art systems. If anyone is tolking something, it is you. Please go troll somewhere else if you have nothin... 
Genesis - a new loudspeaker
I bought a set of Genesis 2's and could not be happier. Truly a speaker to hang onto for life. At today's prices I would hate to think of the cost for new. Anyone have any reviews or specs on these. It's a bit hard to find information on these gem... 
Audio Leveling Software Recommendation?
foobar 2k had replay gain which solves the dilemma. It's free to boot