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Just FYI: Tidal is consolidating their HiFi and HiFi Plus tiers
YAY. Just got the email. I love the lower price. The savings will pay for my Spotify subscription (I use that in the car and for walking, for podcasts and music including more casual listening without Roon). On your first billing date o... 
Volti does it again!
@doyle3433 - Very cool! I REALLY want a Miata. Always on every serious motojournalist's Top 10 List. The "poor" man's Boxster, and less likely to land you in jail, or cost a fortune to fix (though I would have one of those too!).  
Volti does it again!
@lucera  I loved your post! Bigger is not always better, and not if you must give up freedoms you want/need. Besides, if you had the Ferrrari instead of the Boxster, you would worry all the time about getting hit by an idiot in an old F150 beater... 
Review of ultraRendu / opticalRendu
I have the microRendu, which I use with my Small Green Computers Roon server. I like it very much, but have thought of upgrading to either the Ultra or Optical rendu. I can't decide if going one step up to the Ultra is only incremental, and it wou... 
McCormack ALD-1 repair
Dear @edwin4  No it is not. See my post above. Mine is a very comparable if not better unit called a Reference Line Preeminence One. Sorry they cannot fix your unit, but Patrick is a good guy and very helpful and they'll do what they can.   
McCormack ALD-1 repair
I was a longtime owner of Steve McCormack’s great DNA-1 Deluxe amp, which I used for 15 years. I considered getting his ALD line stage, and ended up with the Reference Line Preeminence One, which was said to be as good as the McCormack passive. I ... 
MBL 101 X-Treme MKII
Okay, this is reason enough to visit N'awlins!  
Anthony (Tony) Cordesman has passed away
I have read him in TAS for years, and had NO idea he was the same guy, the policy analyst! RIP. << Dr. Cordesman graduated from the University of Chicago in 1960 and received a master’s degree the next year from Tufts University’s Fletcher ... 
Best Audiophile desktop for under $2500?
Mac mini  
Townshend Audio Podiums
Very interesting. I have debated about investing in these, but they are expensive (for me). This reignites my interest.   
Speakers - Your "Safest" Choice
gnoworyta - How do you like your Van Alstine 225 monoblocks? I have been interested in them (and the Schiit monos). Thanks  
Building a dedicated listening room
Thanks for not minding me tagging you, @mikelavigne ! I know your room has been an evolution. It would be great if a magazine updated a story on it, bringing it to the present...an article that chronicles the evolution. I was hoping you would do w... 
Building a dedicated listening room
This is an older article on @mikelavigne ’s amazing listening room, which has continued to evolve (as has his system). I don’t know it there are any more recent articles. I haven’t been to it, but it and Robert Harley’s rooms certainly must be two... 
Streamer Comparison and Suggestions
I use the Sonore microRendu with my Small Green Computer (SGC) Roon core/server, and am quite happy, but have considered moving up to the OpticalRendu. The SE is above my budget but has gotten excellent reviews. You obviously have a handle on net... 
"Squaring The Circle"...Hipgnosis Documentary on Netflix
I have a softcover oversized book called "The Album Cover Album" showcasing the great album cover art from back in the day. Hipgnosis has many images in it...they were great. Very creative!