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Adjusting Sota Reflex Clamp
I have the one with the plastic hex screw inside the center hole.And it has a metal piece that spins when you try to adjust the screw. What's the best way to deal with this type? 
Review: Dahlquist DQ-10 Speaker
When they started producing a mirror imaged version they also upgraded the caps in the crossover with metalized poly's. What they didn't do and I have done is change the 80mfd cap that separates the woofer from the rest to a Solens poly. This is t... 
How Many Of Us Are Compensating
I have a second (and even a third) system to deal with bad recordings of good performances. These are set up to deal with specific types of recordings. 
Conrad Johnson PV11...Extreme sibilance, harsh sou
If everything was ok until you put in this preamp then, duh, it' the preamp. Check the tubes. In my opinion, EH's arn't the best in CJ's. Try to get hold of some box plate Mullard's. Also, make sure the polarity of the AC cord is correct. Try reve... 
Infinite bafflement?
An infinite baffle is a very large enclosure (even a closet) compared to an acoustic suspension system. The old Bozaks were an example of an infinite baffle design. The drivers did not have a loose suspension. 
A higher level than Mullard in tube quality?
If you want to test your own tubes and also check for noise, buy the Vacuum Tube Valley tube tester. It also tests at real world voltages. 
Observations on Audiogon Posts
The bottom line is that people need to learn to listen and determine their own requirements. I think in this age of instant gratification people want an instant answer and that's not possible. It takes lots of dedicated time and listening to becom... 
Audiophile turntables of the 60's and 70's
In the '60's it was the Thorens TD124 with the Ortofon arm and cartridge. 
mcintosh amps
For vintage Mac amps, the MC225 was the best stereo, the MC60's the best monoblocks and the 250 or 2505 the best solid state in terms of sound. 
dbx BX-1, does any one here
I've got one and it holds up to many modern amps. It's a bit recessed but not bright, more like a tube amp. I think it sounds a bit better using 2 of the 4 channels rather than bridging 4 channels into 2. It doesn't like to be driven without a loa... 
Installing New Springs on Sota Star Turntable
Springs shouldn't need replacing, but if you still want new ones, let SOTA do it. It's a very critical setup and should be left alone once done. 
BACH Cello Suites - CD only
A sleeper is Lyn Harrell on RCA. I have the lp's but they might be on CD. He plays them like keyboard pieces. Quite remarkable. 
type of house wire
I strongly recommend Wattgate receptacles. Big improvement over anything else. A no-brainer. 
The Best Midrange in the World Right Now
The Audionics CC-2 amp and BT-2 preamp are all about midrange. The highs are there if they're on the source as well as good deep bass if it's there also.Midrange is what live music is all about. 
Can anyone suggest a good universal headshell?
Sumiko used to sell some really rigid headshells with az adjust. Look out for some. Also Sumiko used to sell really good ofc cartridge wires (same as the old Fulton). These will upgrade almost any headshell.