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After a long, long sleep: ML-335
Thank you everyone for your comments. As it is still in its original box and well packed, I think it would be worth finding a service center to examine it. The toughest thing about that is finding a competent shipper! Happy listening      
Budget preamp recommendation...besides Schiit.
Orrr.. Look into an older ARC preamp? SP8, SP9… Or if you can stretch a bit SP11.   Happy listening.   
WiFi Streaming Versus An Ethernet Cable Connection
One word: MESH. Our home has three nodes on a ASUS Mesh network. The node in the living room is separated from the hi-fi by a 25’ Cat8 cable to ameliorate any noise being generated by the wifi node.  This is a major improvement over the internal ... 
Upgrade my older Linn Sondek or move on?
I’m the current caretaker of what was my pop’s LP12 with the Valhalla mod and Rabco straight line tracking tonearm. I completely retuned, leveled, lubed and rebelted it a couple of years ago and it sounds lovely.  I liken it to my ‘93 Ducati also... 
Rant: PSA to builders, housewives, and general complaint
Open concept seems to be the fashion though I’ve seen a couple articles that the tide is turning and rooms with a specific purpose are making their way back. I’m lucky that my wife let me set up in the living room. Unfortunately kitchen cacaphony... 
The mistake armchair speaker snobs make too often
Well there’s the domestic tranquility factor to consider… 😉 It took a bit for the new missus to cotton to the 1+1s but she came around. I think?  But the B&W Matrix 800s OTOH won’t be installed in this living room! Next house will have an au... 
Building a 100 album vinyl collection 3 must have albums are?
Good question! Great answers from folks! Santana - Abraxas (Original on Columbia) Dave Brubeck - Take Five (Several good pressings out there) Vivaldi - Four Seasons, Boston Symphony w/ Seiji Ozawa conducting (Telarc)   Happy listening.   
As A Youngster, What Unit Puqued Your Interest In All This?
Pop’s dual KLH-9 set up powered by ARC D-70s with an SP3a front end and Thorens TT. Sitting in the sweet spot was like wearing room sized headphones. Happy listening.   
Speaker that are 'KEEPERS" for the long haul!!!
@kennymacc Congrats on finding your forever speakers! There is something rather satisfying to enjoy a familiar sound that one is very happy with I think. @thriftyaudio I too have a pair of Acoustat 1+1s that I purchased new in ‘85. For the money ... 
How cam Morrow Audio keep offering 45%-65% discounts for trade-ups?
I’m pleased with the product. I got both speaker and some ICs. After I ordered them I realized that the speaker cables were going to be too short. So I gave them a call and they added the extra I needed for free as they hadn’t started my cables ye... 
What speaker could safely be ordered without hearing it first?
@mtbiker29 , no. Just no. As others have mentioned, there is no substitute for auditioning candidate speakers. Case in point: I was intrigued by a certain open baffle speaker vendor's product. Reviews are mostly positive and the quality seemed to... 
Digitally recorded vinyl vs streaming
@mojo771 I will second the recommendation for an external DAC. I too ordered a Border Patrol DAC online. To put it simply it gives me more: More details, depth, more soundstage. Please note that it is the power supply that is rectified by tube. T... 
Audio Research REF 750 pre July 4 FIRE WORKS. TUBE ARC.
@tattooedtrackman I’ll DM you sir!      
Audio Research REF 750 pre July 4 FIRE WORKS. TUBE ARC.
Just catching up on my Agon reading. 😀 @tattooedtrackman I’m sorry to hear about your experience! That had to have been a shock! I’m not writing about the amp situation however.  You said you have a pair of B&W Matrix 800s. As rare as they a... 
ML 335: Binding post question
@erik_squires don't get me started! 😁