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room dimention question
Some advise far more easily provided than adhered to:1) 2 -3 dedicated outlets, isolate digital from analog,2) 1" sound panel on primary reflection point on ceiling and and 2" on walls adjacent to speakers, also on rear wall behind speakers. Also ... 
price point to move to separates vs integrated
I switched from an integrated to seperates. This choice was driven by equipment positioning more so than sonics. I wished to avoid having my equipment rack between speakers and at my side. I also did not want to run longer than 15ft speaker cables... 
Loss of bass & full spectrum sound
Is it possible that the speaker drivers have a defect which shows up after they have been driven for a while? 
BEL 1001 MK V PREamp Match?
I thank each of you for your responses. I have been led to believe that the higher the amp input/preamp output ratio the better and that around 50K common for amplifiers and <600 was common for preamplifiers. I am not sure on this. Make me curi... 
Looking for quality banana plugs.
Thanks everyone. I will probably go with the audioquest. 
AC power delivery and Power conditioners.
Thanks everyone for your response. I will look into balanced power transformer. I am not familiar with them. Mike 
Personal amp evolution
Sansui AU-555 1970 - 1982NAD 3150 1982-1985B&K ST-140 1985-2010 one of the best/$ Vincent 226MK 2010 - 2013BEL 1001MKV current Likely keep this amp for some time. 
Thoughts on interconnect vs. speaker cable length.
Thanks all. Given I have ~$3500 invested in the amp and speakers, I believe $300 would be reasonable to spend on the used market. 
Information regarding Audible Illusions 3A
Thanks to all. I do love this preamp. Found that it prefers shorter ICs due to high output impedance. I am driving a BEL 1001 MKV with it. Have ordered a new set of tubes from Art. Have no problems with my current set but want backups. On to the m... 
How do you determine how much to spend on speakers
IMO:1) Speakers contribute more to the character of a system than do the other components (maybe exception = cartridges). 2) Amplifier technology is much more mature than digital front end technology. A quality amp will please for many years. Digi... 
BK ST-140 Power Amp
Have you contacted B&K? I owned one of these amps for 25 years. Great amp, best budget amp made in 1980s. Wish I hadn't sold it. 
Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life. Do you know of one ?
Recently purchased a BEL 1001MKV. Love this amp. 
Thoughts on interconnect vs. speaker cable length.
Thanks again to all respondees. I also have my equipment rack (sans amp) by my listening chair and am currently running AQ King cobra between sources and pre and pre to amp (6 ft). Am currently using 15 ft Monster Z2 bi-amp cables between Amp and ... 
Thoughts on interconnect vs. speaker cable length.
Thanks Elizabeth and Almarg. I was aware of the high output impedance of the 3A would beg for shorter ICs. The 4M pair that I was using seemed to diminish dynamics. I must admit that this is my first forum post and the first time that I have been ... 
Thoughts on interconnect vs. speaker cable length.
Thanks Schubert and Iso. To bring specificity to my question, I am indeed asking opinions on IC vs SC lengths for a run between pre and amp of 3-12 feet vs a run between amp and speakers between 6 and 15 feet. I am currently in position to try 8 a...