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Andrew Singer Of "Sound by Singer" passed away yesterday
A legend, esp. in NY!!!  
Anyone using Octave amps or preamps?
My (second) owner of the Octave LP1 is magic with my 1.5 Thiels.  
Fraudulent sale on eBay
Similar experience several years ago when I "paid" chump change for a SS Conrad Johnson power amp. PayPal and my bank ran with it and the not-so-sophisticated scammers were busted...........in Texas  
When are speakers considered Hi-Fi and not Mid-Fi???
One word:  Thiel   "I can hear music...."   https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=y0ZGnwVfX4o    
My Oppo 105 finally bricked. Streamer suggestions?
Get another Oppo!  
Sat front row at the symphony...
Orchestral music, at its best, is enjoyed sumptuously not in rows 1-5, but beyond that, centrally from the 5th through the 8th rows.  Professional, performing musicians understand the concept of "soundstage" and where it is best heard.  
Real world Loudspeakers what does very good cost ?
That's easy:  Thiel.    
If you had to narrow your choices to 4 - 5 speakers
Thiel!    Am about to readopt a pair of lovely 1.5 dressed in pristine teak.  My living room is not large, and planted in my relatively new Italian leather sofa, I am at one with their embrace.  
I feel bad for Generation X and The Millennial's
Leave complaining and brooding behind, and cease projecting helplessness. Go with what you know and/or experience as best you can. I’m a Boomer, a dual national, and dedicated to enjoying great music. Don’t stream except for using Apple music in m... 
Current Universal Players
As the man said----Oppo.  
Has anyone had on of these CD players? How good are they?
Read reputable reviews!    Oppo 83SE, still strong with Schitt DC, although largely unnecessary. Vintage Linn....like buying a used Rolls Royce.   
Review: Jolida JD-1501 Tube amp
I am the second owner of my Jolida,  Had it serviced by a Jolida authorized outfit in NY. Vintage Mullards in the pre.......kablam. My Quads are happy.  
What stereo equipment do respected musicians listen to?
Take a clue from the 60s...."If it feels good, do it."   Footnote:  Pete Townshend.....partial deafness and tinnitus.  FYI: currently touring with Roger.... Just too much hyping/bsing and baiting in the audiophile galaxy.    Advertising signs ... 
Share albums where EVERY SINGLE song is good
  For openers.... Pink Floyd- Dark Side of the Moon S&G. Bookends EBTG- Eden Vivaldi-4 Seasons Everything by Mozart, Beethoven, Getz, Brahms-Violin Concerto Joni Mitchell-Blue, Court & Spark, For the Roses Kate Bush-Hounds of Love ... 
What were the radio stations of your youth that helped you on your music/audio journey?
WBZ, WABC......then......