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BV Audio P10
Thread resurrection...I have had for almost a year a BV Audio A300S and I am extremely pleased with it. ¬†Reliable and true as mentioned above. ¬† 
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
Joan Manuel Serrat's "Mediterraneo" 
The Best Live album
Allan Holdsworth "All Night Wrong" is superb! Best live recording I have.. 
Customer Service
Through the years, I sent to Parasound in California many of my CDP-2000 Ultras, and they have been great..reasonable rates, quick turnarround and easy to talk to on the phone. 
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
Brian Bromberg's METAL.... 
Personal amp evolution
Well, my Burgess built RL12T15 monblocks (Loftin-White circuit) driven by Burgess 76 preamp...The amps are killer, with O'Netics transformers. These things have finesse and slam. 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
9 years later, and I can't afford yet even a pre-owned BMW M5, but I have a nice 2000 Ford Contour SVT that has been an awesome car...7 years in my possession, and thats a record!/ 
Designer Hall of Fame
At this moment I think I would like to mention:David BerningJames BongiornoNelson PassThe guy from JuicyMusic (designed the Paragon preamps also, and others)..I forget his name now. 
TubeGuru amps from Hungary?
I have been intrigued by his amps for awhile now... 
I hope someone mentioned Steve Hackett's last work: Beyond the Shrouded Horizon...his best to date, and one of the best LP's this year by a long shot!! 
Why do no audio enthusiasts use McIntosh?
Is this question even serious? There is a world out there beyond Audiogon, believe or not. Through the years I met dozens of people who had great systems with McIntosh SS gear. Especially the newer generation 252, 352 and many still love their Mc5... 
Insides of Lazarus H-1A amp...
resurrecting an old thread!!!Amazingly enough, my cousing who lives in California work with Greg Miller from Lazarus and ia rebuilding me a pair of monoblocks! Alleluyah. 
Any shortwave radio listener among us?
Boy isnt this an old thread....but I am buying a rebuilt vintage National NC-125 with its speaker,,, 
Audio Alchemy DLC
Thanks Wendell, I will look into it!! 
Talon Raven C vs. Tannoy 15 DMT's
I must say, I have had the Talon Raven C's for a few weeks now, and they arent going anywhere...Honestly, they are much prettier than the DMT's, which my wife appreciates!For the used price on these Talon's nowadays, they are super no brainers. BT...