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How old are your speakers
Not sure about the exact age of my speakers, but they must be 35 years old or possibly older. Yamaha NS-1000M. 
TIDAL Lossless Streaming Service
Dbarger - I also thought something sounded off with Tidal the first time I played it with the Mac application. I didn't hear an improvement over premium Spotify. I opened audio midi and found the sampling rate was set for 48kHz. When I changed tha... 
PS Audio PWD II opinions?
I previously owned a PS Audio DLIII, a Cullen Stage 4 DLIII and a PWD mkII. The PWD mkII using the nativeX mode was a big improvement in my experience compared to both DLIII's. I sold my first PWD awhile ago to try out other sources and just recen... 
Best USB DAC for under $1000
A used PS Audio PWD2 if you can stretch your budget a few hundred dollars. 
DAC as an attenuator?
Correction - Pretend your dac was capable, not cabale, of a SNR of 120 dB after the digital to analog conversion which is equal to approximately 20 bits. 
DAC as an attenuator?
Yes, this will work even with digital volume. The balanced input on my integrated amp will overdrive with more than 3 volts or so. Since most balanced outputs are 4 volts or more, I use the digital volume control in the dac to reduce the output ga... 
Any Recommendations on Custom Speaker Stands?
Talk to Anthony at A&M custom steel speaker stands. He may be able to help you out. I just ordered some stands from him for my Yamaha NS1000 and am very pleased. Not as thick and heavy as Sound Anchors. They remind me more of the Foundation st... 
Yamaha A-S2000 - question for owners
Mine does the same thing, completely normal. The tone controls on the a-s2000 are done a little differently. I believe there is more info on the yamaha website regarding the tone and volume control. 
Child-Proof Speakers
Find some used Gallo 3.5. They are made out of metal and the tweeter and drivers are covered with metal grills. They also have a mesh cage to hide them in. They are fairly short in height and the weight is at the bottom so they won't tip easily. T... 
Oppo 105 or PS Audio PWD Mk2
I've owned both and the PWD is more musical but the Oppo 105 is a Swiss army knife that does everything well. The PWD mkII will provide more enjoyment when critically listening to music. 
sansui or yamaha
The AS2000 is a neutral amp. Definitely not thin sounding. 
Vincent 236Kkii Reliability vs. Yamaha and Luxman
Mountainsong,Were you using the balanced inputs when you had the Yamaha? 
Yamaha AS2000 - balanced input
Yes, Yamaha did respond and simply confirmed that the balanced input couldn't accommodate a source with a 5V output. They did not clarify how much the maximum input was, but the manual says 2.8V. 
Anyone own the Yamaha A-S2000 - noob questions
I believe the balanced input was engineered to be used with Yamaha's matching cds2000 cd player which has an output of 2v according to the manual. I don't know what the maximum input level is for the as2000, but my PS Audio dac has an output level... 
Speaker for Yamaha AS2000
The as2000 should be capable of driving most speakers. Audition as many speakers as you can and see what you like. That is a good sized room, but with a $7k budget, you will be able to find something that works. I love my Harbeth SHL5, but would b...