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anybody buying into magnetic levitation "eliminates the effects of any vibration" ?
geoffkait "The reason airborne vibration is not very important for turntables is because the resonant frequencies of the tonearm and cartridge are very low, by design, circa 10 Hz, much lower than the lowest frequency generated by most speakers."M... 
anybody buying into magnetic levitation "eliminates the effects of any vibration" ?
Common sense dictates that levitating the turntable would increase its susceptibility to airborne vibrations.  It may decouple the table from its mooring, but that isn't the only source of vibration. 
This is a brilliant interview of Keith
+1 stereo5 
Looking for speaker recommendations
I see I got here before the Tekton shills started spouting.  I'm a big Martin Logan fan so that's what I would recommend.  But honestly, if 30 people respond, you'll get thirty different speaker recommendations.  Not very helpful, I'm afraid. 
Will a subwoofer add depth and clarity to my system, or just bass?
One thing to be aware of is that the sub will not add clarity to the main speakers unless the sub or the preamp provides a high pass filter to them, blocking out the bass that is now to be handled by the sub.  Otherwise you're just adding murk to ... 
How Good Is The DAC in An Opportunity UDP-205?
IMHO, and I believe many share this opinion, AudioScienceReview's commentary should be taken with a pound of salt.  Notice that the review does not go into detail about how the unit sounds.  They seem to get hung up on insanely minimal and inaudib... 
Strange turntable/speaker issue
I own the Mani and it is very, very good, but it doesn't have a low filter.  Thinking about this, there are a few other areas you should research.  Perhaps your tonearm/phono cartridge match is not good - low mass tonearm and high mass cartridge o... 
Strange turntable/speaker issue
I'm going to go against the grain and opine that it is indeed feedback.  Belt-drive turntables don't produce a lot of rumble due to the isolation of the platter and the motor.  The proximity of the turntable to the speaker is causing it.  You coul... 
Platter mat insanity
noromance, you mis-spelled the names of nearly everyone on that record, and to be honest, whenever someone says "even my non-audiophile wife, (daughter, brother, therapist, et. al).heard the difference", alarm bells go off in my head. 
Difference in sound using different carts when digitizing vinyl record?
Yes, you will hear a difference, but when you A-B the two digital files, you will be surprised at how minimal the differences are, and how difficult it is to determine which is "better". 
The current best band in the world?
There are as many best bands in the world as there are people to vote.  I don't think this discussion will really lead anywhere, but it may introduce people to new music. 
Sirius XM Buying Pandora
I am truly glad to hear that you all feel that Sirius' sound quality is awful.  Low bit-rate MP3 (like 64K low) is a good analogy.  I've noticed that stations that have fewer listeners get lower bandwidth, and hence, poorer sound.  The Jazz statio... 
For those of us over 60..
Anything with Billy Cobham on it. 
Do speaker cables need a burn in period?
No, they don't.  Most burn in requirements are simply there to get you to keep the product beyond the return period. 
Speakers for aging audiophiles - What's with today bass emphasis ?
...ooops, sorry, just reread your original post and realized I missed the word "bookshelf".  Never mind about the Martin-Logan...unless you can re-arrange your room...