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Perhaps a Stupid Question
Unless you're comfortable with soldering, and think you can do a job that will do justice to an expensive audio cable, I would leave it alone.  Changing the power cable is just nonsense though. 
put tube amp on to shelf of a rack
Big tube amps were not designed for audio racks.  You will shorten their lifespan as well as that of the components above it.  A friend of mine had the same issue and I told him the same thing.  He eventually replaced the tube amp with solid state... 
... Should I be concerned?
The controls on the back of the amp allow you to adjust the input gain on the amp so that the volume control on the preamp can operate within its optimum range.  There is no rule that says that those amp controls should be full on.  You can also u... 
High Performance Audio - The End?
Frankly, if you're listening to today's pop music on anything more than a 40 year old Sansui receiver and Radio Shack Nova speakers, then you've wasted your money on a quality music system. 
Margin on speaker sales by high end dealer
Back when I was selling audio, speakers were a rather high profit item and offset the low profit on electronics.  The two biggest profit generators were phono cartridges and, by a mile, fancy cables. 
Soundstage gone
@teo_audio  You're saying that new equipment sounds like dirty mono for weeks???  That is totally untrue - and ridiculous.  Either the cartridge in this case is defective or he wired it up wrong.  I'm guessing he swapped the + for the - on one cha... 
Why Crazy Prices paid for Pioneer 100 JBL L100 AR1 AR3 AR3A
People that rave about Pioneer speakers will also wax poetic about "vintage" Radio Shack speakers.  They're all over the audio Facebook pages and get very gnarly if you challenge their beliefs.  Forgive them.  They are just boneheads who don't kno... 
Fuses and confusion
I read your post on another thread.  You are CLEARLY not one to be posting about fixing anything.  You are funny!  LOL.  Funny guy! 
Fuses and confusion
oldhvymec You are wrong about the warranty.  Unless you are a certified electronics repair technician you will void the warranty if you open the box, and the claim that "ALL equipment can be looked at and serviced by YOU" is absolute hogwash.  ... 
Fuses and confusion
...and 3) Millercarbon is a rather well-known shill for Synergistic Research and has hawked their questionable wares on many threads on this forum.  His advice is tantamount to shooting yourself in the foot as far as warranty goes. 
Fuses and confusion
1) You are absolutely wasting your time changing fuses.  The only possible fuse change that would affect the amp's sound is if there are fuses in line with the speakers.2) If you open the chassis of a component and start messing with it's internal... 
Anybody want a laugh?
dougeyjones,You aimed your sarcasm at the wrong group.  You won't find a bigger bunch of voodoo snake oil lovers than right here at Audiogon.  Their fascination with multicolored fuses and quantum this and nanoparticle that is a source of endless ... 
Very bright SC and IC with coherence in imaging, soundstaging and timing
Any speaker wire or interconnect that adds 3dB at any frequency is defective.  Might I suggest the Schiit Loki?  
The very best sound: Direct to Disc
I have a bunch of them as well - bought them when they first came out on vinyl!  Beware the CD of "Growing up in Hollywood Town", it sounds like someone did the smiley face on the EQ.There is quite a bit of difference between the original records ... 
In the middle of a pandemic, Stereophile reviews ~ $30K equipment
I find it interesting that some of the people decrying these wanton cash outlays are the very ones that have spent multiple thousands of dollars on senseless gimmicks, snake oil and audiophile jewelry, and who will defend their purchases with the ...