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A little gift for my fellow audiophiles
@soix Notwithstanding that, thanks for sharing the fun music and a fruitful and Happy New Year to you and yours. I have been waiting for you to share how you are liking the updates/upgrades to your SMC amp.  Hope I did not miss it.  
A little gift for my fellow audiophiles
First, I made it clear in my initial post that the CD is basically unobtainable now.  Did you not get that message? Respectfully submitted, maybe not that clear to others: I still have the CD, but as far as I can tell it’s now unobtainable, b... 
Tube Phonostage Causing Rumble and Noises
Not as bad as yours, but I had a version of this occurring when playing my turntable, utilizing the built in tube phono stage in my preamp.  The solution for me is to turn off the subwoofer that is near my turntable when playing vinyl.  No problem... 
Has anyone heard from bdp24 lately?
As I mentioned in a different thread, I am wondering about and hoping ebm well and just taking a break.    
Missing Members
Wondering how @ebm  is.  Hasn't posted in 10 months.  Hope all is well and happy holidays to you.  
Revisiting Chinese Knockoff Cables
@nasaman  I would wait until an attorney who actually knows the law to chime in here regarding knowingly selling counterfeit goods. Even then, the advice may be equal to the fee you are paying for his/her advice.  
Did I damage my new amp
@neversatisfied I’m confused regarding what you are describing as the problem.  My bluesound has the option to be used as a preamp, and my smartphone would be used to control the bluesound volume.  I have disabled my remote smartphone volume adj... 
Did I damage my new amp
Sorry, can't help you, but I did read this in the Soundstage review of your integrated: There are many setup options available through the onscreen menu system........including setting a fixed volume level for that input; setting a maximum initi... 
@navyachts I am very happy with the sound of my system at this point, so I’m not sure if the DAC needs to be improved on.  What I am looking for is to hear those background subtleties in the music a little more pronounced. What a beautiful ba... 
20a hc power cable need adaptor to use with my 15a equipment
@nasaman  Both have life time warranty. I was thinking why would an adapter even need a warranty?  And then you needed it.      
Lumin U2 or Aurender N200
Just noticed there are several N20s for sale on A’gon in the $8K range.  One by long term member porsche123 turned dealer.  
Blowing Fuses. Dennis Had Inspire 300B SET
@atmasphere  After reading this thread on this day after Christmas, I am reminded of what a class act you are.  Thanks for your contributions and the best to you and yours.  
50 ways to leave your lover
Among my many Simon & Garfunkel favorites was the ditty "At the Zoo".  
50 ways to leave your lover
@clydeactor Thanks for the clarification regarding Steve Gadd. Especially this holiday season, bless the men and women who serve and served in our arm forces. No idea how anything you mentioned belittled anyone as mentioned above.  
50 ways to leave your lover
@clydeactor Happy holidays! I thought the song was OK but by far not my favorite by Simon.