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Looking for recommendations for integrated with a more “organic” sound.
Many people here have put together budget and mid-priced systems that they enjoy by creating a pleasing, synergistic whole, often by trial and error. Some sound like parrots indoctrinated by reviewers and sent out into the world to show us the li... 
Some Cables Thoughts
@navyachts Sounds like you have a great plan, enjoy.    
Some Cables Thoughts
At that time I had Triangle antals.  Just wasn't great synergy in that system.      
Some Cables Thoughts
@navyachts Years ago I had a pair of AZ Hologram speaker cables.  Unlike the many who like them, after giving them significant time for break in they were definitely not for me, and I let them go. Spoke with the owner of the company, Robert Lee... 
Some Cables Thoughts
@navyachts  In case your offer is not accepted, there is an 8 ft pair on USAudiomart with an asking price of $375 and a 10 ft pair for $550.   I noted that the current MSRP for an 8 ft pair of Satori II is $1,050.   No idea what it was for the ... 
Power cable for AQ Niagara 5000
I live in an area with clean power, so have not needed a power conditioner.   I also easily hear the difference between cables. But I have to say that if there was one application that I might think different power cables (of sufficient capacity... 
The new Coda S5.5 amplifier: It's a "Petite Beast"!
@jaudio1  +1 great question.  
What qualities stand out in really good solid state preamps?
@sameyers1 response to socks Everything on the forum is opinion and based on individual experiences. You can say I’m arrogant. I can say you’d do better to not to get angry and recognize everyone’s right to post their thoughts and find a respect... 
Aurender Music Server and CD Transport comparison
Well, the OP has a point. He asked for recommendations for a CD transport and did not receive one recommendation. What he did get was responses from persons who appear to know his system and its needs better than himself.  
Cary vs Raven
@jrcotner Is there any particular reason that you are not settling in with the Fritz Carbon 7 SEs?  Or are they in a second system?  
What makes One Music Server Sound Better than Another?
So much commentary...The merits of spending a lot of money on a server are questionable in my opinion. Actually, if you take a look mitch has a perfect purchase/sale record on A’gon of 568 (i.e., experienced).  Doesn’t seem like excess commentary... 
Cary vs Raven
My understanding, unfortunately not from personal use, is that the totems are excellent speakers. While I get that they thrive on power/current, I have never read a negative word about them. I would not sell them until after you are done with yo... 
Mid-Fi, Hi-Fi or.....?
@ghdprentice  I agree with everything you are saying.  I really just wanted to throw an example out there.    
Mid-Fi, Hi-Fi or.....?
Looking at it from an economic standpoint. A person who has invested $150K in his system will have a resale value of about $75K after 5 years.  Cost of ownership $15K per year. A person who has invested $50K in his system will have a resale valu... 
I've used Supra and LinkUp in my humble system.  They are both excellent, but for me the Supra synergy with my system won out. If you do decide to try the Supra, be sure to buy the CAT 8+ from eBay seller zendada.  He has free shipping, versus on...