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Innuous Zenith Mk3 and Phoenix vs Esoteric N-05XD
@bossa - If you don't like the Sense app you can always switch to Roon on the Zenith.  I have a Zenith, with Phoenix USB, and prefer the sound of Sense over Roon. While not as feature rich as Roon, I find the Sense app meets my needs--and the UI ... 
Are AYON Amps popular in the high end community?
I purchased a new Ayon Spirit III a handful of years ago, it arrived with a remote that only worked intermittently. I opened a case with support, didn’t get an acceptable answer and returned it as a result. As compared with other tube amps I’ve o... 
Aardvark Ethernet noise isolator
@ozzy  Did you end up testing the Ardvark before and after the EtherRegen?  
Aardvark Ethernet noise isolator
I hadn’t heard of this until your post. I checked out their website and I’m not sure what it will add above and beyond the EtherRegen. Based upon what it does, I’d place it between the EthereRegen and your Lumin. I’ve read forum posts about the p... 
Zafvino Silver Dart Graphene vs. ?
While I don’t have first-hand experience with the Silver Dart I’m currently using Zavfino speaker (Prima Mk. 2) and power (Prima Mk. 2 and Fina) cables in my system--and I really enjoy the them. If you have questions about the Silver Dart cables, ... 
Klipsch Heresy vs Forte
The dog is my favorite part of the video.   
Upgrading my streaming/digital system- what would make the most sense?
My personal experience: I found the biggest jump in sound quality was going from a Mac mini to a dedicated music server/streamer, which at the time was en entry level Aurender. My current server/streamer is an Innuos Zenith Mk 3, I'm using the Inn... 
Favorite Eagle
Linda Ronstadt is my favorite Eagle.   
Digital add ons-airlens, matrix spdif, Innuous Phoenix net, Phoenix usb
@brownsf Assuming the config looks like this: Zenith --> USB --> PhoenixUSB --> Matrix Converter --> spdif --> PS Audio DS, the Matrix spdif converter would negate the need for the PhoenixUSB. Are you using Roon or the Innuos Sense... 
dacs that I have had in my system - a listing
@jjss49 This is a great list and thank you for sharing.  What are you thoughts on the internal H590 DAC as compared to the standalone DACs you've tried? From your system page, it seems like you have quite a speaker collection as well. Did you fi... 
Klipsch Cornwall IV and Luxman Integrated
I've owned the CW IV, for solid state the Naim Uniti Nova was an excellent match. The Uniti Nova provides a ton of value as an integrated amp, DAC, and streamer.If budget is an issue you'll save on components and cabling.  For tubes, I really lik... 
Anyone pairing Cornwall IVs with solid state amplification to good results?
I have CW IV paired with a Naim Uniti Nova, excellent sound and feature-packed all-in-one system. I've also paired the CW IV with lots of tubes amps and the Naim is on par with the amps, albeit with different strengths.   
Not Sure If This Is OK Here, But Here Goes
I've sold to Agoners in Latin America who wanted to work with a freight forwarder.  The issue I've experienced with freight forwarders is around the packaging of the item. The freight forwarder oftentimes removes the item from the factory protect... 
PayPal international protection
Unrelated to protection, when you use PayPal for international purchases they charge you a currency conversion fee. I believe that fee is somewhere around 4.5%. So factor that in your budget.  
Gryphon Diable 300 DAC vs. Lumin X1 DAC
Through your listening, you'll probably find that you can save the $6K on the Gryphon DAC and be completely satisfied with the X1 DAC.