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Brinkmann vs TW Acustic
PRAT comes from the musicians, not equipment. As if UK gears has some monopoly on PRAT ( certainly marketing lol! ).............yeah right. 
New Delos cart
Pani,That gives some context to your comments. I use one too but i don't have such issue on my Phantom 2 or Reed 2A arm/Micro RX-5000. My system ( multi way active horn with lots of tube) is vastly different too which could be another factor. 
New Delos cart
Pani,Just curious. What setup ( phono/arm/table/ampspeakers) did you use or listen to the Delos with? 
Micro Seiki, or TW AC-1
Raul,I try to learn new things too, sometimes it is not audio related. I happen to use my Micro to enjoy music, not as a "tool" to attack your personal pet hate, the German group. :) 
Micro Seiki, or TW AC-1
Raul,To save yourself from looking "ignorant" by continuing to own the MS RX-5000, I would offer you 5000 Mexican peso to take that "stupid kilogram" Micro Seiki off your hand. How about that? ;) 
Ortophon spu-gt, which rebuild ?
Hi Ken,Here is their email for contact.info@expertstylus.co.uk 
Micro Seiki, or TW AC-1
Seriously how can one tease out different turntables performance from the whole chain which involves different cartridges, arm,phono stage, pre/amp, speakers/room from listening to different setups at different times? Must be gifted eh or... 
Ortophon spu-gt, which rebuild ?
If you use a Technics 1200 stock arm, it would not be able to balance the heavy 30+ gram mass of SPU-GT on the end of it nor would it be a good match even if use a heavy custom counter weight IMO. If you do upgrade your vinyl setup and plans to us... 
Moving coil with a bit less leading edge
Pani,I hope you will get to try your Lyra Delos on a better tonearm than stock Technics SL-1200 direct drive table. Don't even think about Shilabe with that arm. 
kuzma stabi
I have heard one at dealer's home with Zyx cartridge, upgrade power supply and RCM Sensor phonostage a few years ago and it is damn impressive for an unorthodox minimalistic looking setup. 
Calling all owners - Jasmine LP 2.0 MKII
I use a hagerman Inverse RIAA Filter( $50) and plug a Squeezebox Touch output in and play Internet radio none stop to accelerate the burn in.I modded mine with Jantzen Superior z caps and a few other caps, power supply cap changed too & Shinko... 
alternative power supply for Garrard 301
Win,Thanks for the good news on Mark's health. 
Calling all owners - Jasmine LP 2.0 MKII
It is dead easy to tape off the bright front script by removing the front acrylic plate and cover it on the inside. I just did it few minutes ago to cover all the words except the letter J. I had modded mine with better caps and resistor, only use... 
which turntable to buy for $1500 best value ?
What is the problem there, dayglow? Xenophobia?I don't own WTL tables but if I were in the market for a good table for around $1.5-$2k and I can't DIY , I would probably go for the Simplex. 
Audio Technica AT-33PTG vs Denon 103R cartridge
I agree with the others, AT33PTG will be more suitable for the tonearm in question. I have a superseded AT33 PTG and it is better than stock 103R in most way, better high frequency, more detailed, articulate bass and better tracking on medium mass...