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Swiss Digital FUSE BOX Question Thread
I have looked at these with great interest. However, a bit put off by needing the additional AC cable from the SDFB to the IEC. It's great to know that it is possible to hard wire it in. I understand the "safety" position as a manufacturer. There... 
Seeking the Ultimate Reference for Tubes
Tube Lore II by Ludwell Sibley is fairly complete. Contains a wealth of information.  
Sell your $$$ cables and conditioners... affordable LITHIUM is here!
To Leeagc, Is the fan of the Yeti noticeable? I also called the factory to discuss sizing for my system. It was described to me that you figure the watt draw of your system and then divide that into the yeti rating to see how long you can use the ... 
Have Passive Preamps Finally Come of Age?
I knew better than to post on this forum but did it anyway. Will I ever learn?I hope this does it.Ya'll enjoy your forum.Jadedavid out. 
Have Passive Preamps Finally Come of Age?
I did not experience a lack of PRAT. Morelike it was a lack of harmonic structures. Tubes typically add the odd order harmonics giving more of a sense of a wholeness to the musical presentation. The Tortuga did not present a full acoustical envelo... 
Have Passive Preamps Finally Come of Age?
Tweak1Could you please expound on your "opening statement" concerning the "lack of soul"?I didn't understand.Thanks 
Have Passive Preamps Finally Come of Age?
I've owned a Tortuga PP.  It was very good in many aspects.However, for me, it lacked "soul"  (the ability to emotionally connect)In the end I prefer a tube active preamp. And 6sn7 based at that.But that;s the beauty of this hobby, there is someth... 
Which 30K Speakers Would You Give Up For Tekton Double Impacts?
I bought them, tried them and returned them. For me, and in my foom, they did not work well. I have not heard them in any other location so cannot comment on their performance there.Like all things in this hobby YMMV. 
Music reference/ audio research / vpi
There are those that can hear a difference in wires and there are those that can hear a difference in tubes (of the same type).Congrats to those that can't because you will save a bunch of money that could be used to buy more music. 
Subwoofer Decision
 Vandersteens method of having a capacitor in line to roll off the low frequencies was also done very early in the Dahlquist DLP1 crossover.In it you could change capacitors/resistors to suit your impedance and roll off frequency. Not sure if anyo... 
Sota Sapphire what cables?
Congrats on your new cables. Audio Sensibility has some of the best bang for the buck cables out there. And with the favorable exchange rate are an even better deal. 
Subwoofer Decision
I had the 2WQ's and sold them, Replaced with a pair of Rythmik 12's.Tighter, lower and with more control. Also more flexible in set up. A pair is almost always better. 
Any dangers or concerns doing this?
By repeatedly inserting and removing the cables you will be producing a great amount of wear and tear on both the male and female ends of this connection. At some point they will become loose and worn and would need to be replaced. Furthermore, du... 
Good Used Speakers ($8K-10K) For A Little Listening Room
With that budget there are numerous choices. Which one is right for you is very subjective.The Harbeths are VG speakers as are many others. My top choices would be 1)for a warm sound Sonus Faber Guarneri2)for an accurate studio type sound PMC 20/2... 
Music reference/ audio research / vpi
Congrats. Your RM with the 40's should be a stellar combo.I have had an Aesthetix Calypso and enjoyed it until a friend asked me if the residual noise from it bothered me? I didn't understand his question until he brought over his pre to replace i...