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Arm Heighth on VPI Classic
What we are doing here is adjusting for the cartridge, not the tonearm. Lyras like to be parallel as well as many Linn cartridges. Moving magnets tend to like to be a little high in the back and most moving coils prefer a bit down in the back. If ... 
Linn LP12 vs. VPI Classic 1 and 3
Schubert, who set up your LP12? 
Linn LP12 vs. VPI Classic 1 and 3
It is not well-setup if it doesn't stay that way for long. A lie repeated enough times becomes the truth. 
Reducing Anti-skate On An MMF 2.2
The anti-skate is not fixed on that turntable. The hanging weight is the anti-skate and the least amount is when it is on the groove closest to the pivot. There are 3 grooves. 
LP12 owners: Anyone try the Tiger-Paw Khan yet?
Everything sounds the same to Polk, no difference whatsoever on anything. 
Why does my system sound so shrill and distorted?
What do you have your equipment sitting on i.e rack? The differences there are very large. 
Top 5 favorite MM cartridges currently available
Polk,How much force should a cantilever be able to withstand before bending? That is like getting in 2 accidents and blaming the car. 
How and when to check stylus condition.
Bifwynne,I change my "small" audio tubes, not necessarily the power tubes, every year and find it a BIG improvement each time I do. How do you like the Classic compared to the Scoutmaster? 
Through with Buzz.
Is it a buzz or a hum? They are completely different things, a buzz is a BBZZZ and a hum is HHMMMM. 
Simaudio doesnt stock parts for discontinued produ
I agree with Maineiac. 
Do you have a shim for the Ortofon? Most carts need a 2 mm shim, Rega carts are shorter and don't need a shim. 
Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC?
Thanks much Nandric and Griffithsds, I have both but wondered if I needed to bother switching bodies as the 412 "body" is mounted. The 420 stylus still seems like it needs a touch more break in. 
Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC?
Does anyone know if the 412 and the 420 have the exact same body? 
Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC?
I am not taking the bait from Rockitman but maybe someone else will. 
Cartridge installation
You're both right...to install it doesn't take very long, but fine tuning it for best sound takes time.