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The Horror
Over the years I've gone ro a few shows, never got home and felt my system lagged too far behind anything I've listened to at those shows. My main system.  Magnepan 20.1  Classe CAM350's  Bottlehead Foreplay  Rega CD Player     
Does Every Track Sound Great on Your System?
For the past 20+ years, I've been listening to Magnepan or Electrostatic speakers, which are EXTREMLEY revealing, which could be a drawback. I've learned to find music that has been recorded well, which doesn't mean that I don't listen to poorly r... 
Streamer/DAC combinations
Good reviews on the Eversolo A8 DAC/Streamer/ Preamp/CD Ripper/Music Server.....  
Maggies and subwoofer integration
@arnold_h the LRS would fall under the small panel category as needing a sub, no disagreement there.   
Amp — Leave on or turn off
My amps run at 100 watts each at idle which comes in at almost $12 a month. I definitely hear the sonic difference running them 24/7. I listen to music mostly over the weekends, so I power up my amps Thursday night.  
Maggies and subwoofer integration
Time to open a can of worms :) One of the reasons we purchase Maggies is for the transparency and neutrality of the music we listen to, getting rid of the inherent sound signature of the box. I’ve not owned smaller panel Maggies, 2.5r and up to 2... 
Maggies and subwoofer integration
@johnto if you're using cheap subs with your Maggie's,  what are you using to power them?  
Maggies and subwoofer integration
@margaretha I agree with you on not using subs with Maggie's,  but just with the larger panels.  I've owned 2.5R's all the way up 20.1's.  With the right amps, (2) never felt i was Bass deprived. For music listening,  IMO,  there is no better bass... 
New streamer
@mapman I agree with you about Cambridge offerings. I have the CNX V2. Sounds great,  but I must admit, I'm curious about the Eversolo A8  
New streamer
@signaforce  you mentioned the Eversolo a6, there is an A8 out there now which reviews in another league over the A6....  
Jim Winey (Magnepan) has passed away.
RIP  I was introduced to Maggie's in 2002, never looked back, never had another box speaker..  
Ripping CDs
@rvpiano I have the CNX v2 as well, despite what someone said about it not being on par with the rest of your system obviously has not listened to it. With that being said, you will need to purchase a cheap PC that can rip CD)’s or purchase a unit... 
What to ask when buying used speakers?
I've owned 3 sets of Magnepans and a current set of Acoustat speakers,  all purchased used. 3 of those sets were sight unseen.  The 2nd pair I purchased from ebay, they were damaged which may have been a result of shipping.  The seller had me send... 
Is There Just One Single Album That Does It For You, Completely? Just One.
Stevie Wonder Songs in the Key of Life  
What to expect if I import an amp and preamp from a Japan seller via US eBay
@echolane I purchased an amp from a seller in the Caribbean. it went through the customs process When I received it, I plugged it in and sparks flew all over the place. Opened the unit, customs had Drilled holes in all 4-20,000mf caps and the pow...