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Horning Eufrodite Ellipse Owners?
Sorry to be coming in so lateI am likely the owner who used Hornings with the ZH 230Great pairingIn my case I was using the Horning Agathon Ultimate I have since acquired a pair of custom 12w pure class A mono versions of the 230 and they are outs... 
Tube DAC Conundrum
I follow the same practice as the above 2 postersI am no expert but I think the performance issues are related to getting the tube gear(or any gear) to an optimal operating temperature. I find most tube gears get there relatively quickly.Now for s... 
Natural, musical, dynamic phono preamp 700 used
I think you might like the Allnic 1200...these can be found close to your price when sold used. 
modest towers with high WAF for living room?
A used pair of audio physic virgos would be nice 
Any good HiFi Audio Repair shops in S.F. Bay Area?
I third Nick and second Scott....have used both for years and both are excellent. 
Ocellia speakers and power
I have owned Tonian speakers for years and agree with the above posts....the phy will sound great with any good low to medium power tube amp. I find they like a little more juice than you can get from a 45 or 2a3 set will sound better with the 8 o... 
Chose speakers for a Leben 300cxs system
I'm sure those are wonderful speakers, I would also consider speakers from Horning and Tonian 
Audio Note 2.1.x DAC vs Wyred 4 Sound DAC 2
While I have not heard the wyred dac I have tried many dacs and always seem to end up gravitating to those with a good tube based output stage and power supply...they inevitably sound more engaging and organic. 
SS amp for Merlin VSMs?
I have owned the Merlin VSM's in a couple iterations and I have owned the two amps I am going to suggest...but I have not owned them together (amps and speakers) so my suggestions are based on educated guess as opposed to real experience.The Bel 1... 
Firewire to s/pdif
I have both an RME fireface and a Sonic Studio 303. The RME does the Firewire to SPDIF and can be had for about $800 and the 303 does Firewire to AES/EBU and also has some impressive DSP functionality...much more expensive but excellent.I am sure ... 
Orbe SE with Graham Phantom or Brinkmann 10.5
I owned the Orbe SE with an SME V and I can attest to the fact that it is an excellent combo. 
High resolution Copper IC with PRAT like AntiCable
Contact Tony at Tonian labs about his new IC' can thank me later :-) 
Throwing your gear under the bus
Yes, several timesGenerally it is the result of making system changes over time and then saying to myself "I wonder what ______ would sound like in this system" 
Berning ZH230 amp
Yes I have and both are terrific amps. I am using Tonian Classic 12.1s which are 97db and flat impedence but they do respond well to some drive. My room is 15x25x11.The ZH230 has the ability to tailor the amp to the system/speaker with different t... 
Berning ZH230 amp
I have the ZH 230 and like it very much. I think it is an improvement over the ZH 270 (as you might expect from Mr. Berning)I do not think you will have a problem running the Merlins as they present a fairly flat impedence....of course the size of...