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VPI's new "Vanquish" Ultra High-End turntable is a STUNNER!
Austin Martin's version would get my $ first. 
Who needs a Preamp??
Now those responses were exactly what I hoped for. Thank you all for adding your thoughts to a question no doubt addressed many times before. It is a question I asked in earnest.There are several schools of thought going on this subject.Active, Pa... 
Suggestions for Best Complete System -$1,000 or less???
Sorry for the late response. These are very helpful ideas-Thanks.A small sub with a small speaker would likely be 1/2 of the $1,000budget. As most people have a computer, all you need is somethinglike the Sprout or do a powered speaker! Thanks!! 
DAC It Out Shootout August 24th Saturday, 11-3pm Scottsdale, AZ
Late response- has posted the entire review. 
Audio Kinesis Swarm Subwoofer Awarded 2019 Golden Ear Award by Robert E. Greene
Duke, Congrats on the well deserved recognition! We spoke last springabout getting the Swarm into the mix for our Speakerfest Event.This year's event will be Stand mount speakers only.What a perfect way to show off the Swarm! Surrounded by the lik... 
Slight Hardness on LP's
Some good ideas above to try before buying gear.Unclear if this is a relatively new to you system or not?Also what acoustic treatments do you use? Are you all copper in the interconnects and speaker cables?Is it your ears changing -as in "the syst... 
Klipsch speaker choices
Dale, Did you know there is a Klipsch forum where good deals are posted?Those guys don't know other brands exist. You can tag along on theannual pilgrimage to Arkansas to pay your respects. Those folks eat, live, breathe and expel Klipsch products... 
Hotel Room Confessions - Best Sound at a Show?
Roger Sander's ESL speakers are linear in focus therefore the room size and reflections don't play into what you hear. Sound hits your ears firstnot the walls. Roger is nobody's fool. His placements are no accident. 
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30 Watts of class A power: What Speakers are you using and suggesting?
My system may not fit into a "Down Scaling" scenario but..Cary Mk120 S2 Amp, Audible Illusions 3La preamp, TannoyFSM speakers. Makes a lovely sound. If I was downsizingI would buy the Borresen Stand mounts and run with the new Vinnie Rossi Hybrid ... 
Integrated amps with room correction...
I saw the New Master Class NAD integrated with Dirac at RMAF.Price was about $2,700 as I recall. Modeled after the Naim lookit includes a 3" x 3" Led TV display. The sound was very good. I think it was running through the lower end Dalis. 
Separate DAC and Streamer or go with a Streamer DAC?
You sound like a separates guy. Innous is an excellent choice.I am watching for the $4,200 Innous model to come along used.My attitude towards hardware is to buy used, save money now and be prepared to upgrade when merited. We tested 2 of the DACs... 
Separate DAC or continue using the Oppo UDP-205
Our Club, held a blind DAC shootout last monthand the results of the 20+ people who attended are posted to the site.I too have the 205, and was ready to buy a $2,000 DAC for an upgrade.After listening to the 10 DACs we tested, I have ... 
Arizona Audiofile Club will direct anyone to Club Events 
RMAF 2019!
2019 Denver RMAF Short ReportPreface:Why did so many big names opt out of the show this year?-The Airport venue location? A Gaylord hotel room is no larger  than anywhere else so sound quality is the same you get in any little room. -The doubled e...