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Tannoy Speaker Owners
Pass Labs XA25 may be your salvation.  
Where is dougdeacon?
It takes a pretty strong stomach to follow the wastethat often fills these pages. Most will be shopping for greenerpastures after a few visits here. 
Albums that you listen to straight through / start to finish whenever you put them on!
Enya -WatermarkPatricia Barber- Cafe BlueHope Sandovar- Most AnySimon and Garfunkel-Sounds of silence.I love the MOODY Blues and most Tull stuff but the recordings are so crappy. 
New Joseph Audio Pulsar Graphene 2
I was recently informed by a well known speaker designer that the reason graphene and other new coatings are being used is tokeep the cones themselves from self destructing. So now you will bepaying more so the product you buy lasts longer. Okay s... 
Tannoy Speaker Owners
I think muleys got good point. upgrade to some used Tannoys from the Scottish made line. Get a 12'' or 15" Dual Concentric.You can push these with any amp. VACs are pricey and quite good. Rogue would be the way I'd go.Now that said I do have Tanno... 
New Rouge Dragon amplifier
a rogue by any other name....Maggies need power to 2ohms. Rogue is a great companybut I see not rating for power at 2 ohms in their stats.Now go do your homework and let us know what you buy.Buy once/Buy right. 
Higher End DACs
DAC it OUT held last August in Scottsdale, Arizona blind tested 10 DACS.See review at I would completely agree with mike that many dacs today are pretty good. No mention of the Denafrips Terminator above. Anyone have one?The Chinese s... 
Speaker Sales on Audiogon
-fed ex acct saves about 30 percent on average.-using usaudiomart instead of audiogon saves 100 percent-I have sold an oppo 203, hh scott receiver, audible illusions preamp and a cary amp in short order on usadio over the past 18 months. my motto-... 
How do you audition speakers at a store?
One advantage of buying used, since you asked, is the obvious factthat $4k used will buy $7-12k new.  That may not equate to doublethe SQ but the savings can go to your next need. Acoustics? 
Looking for recommendations for a 'warm' sounding DAC
There is a 10 DAC shootout review on  held last August,Sadly Denafrips refused us a sample. Mentioned above and well received at the event, the Line Magnetic (1st place) and Holo Audio Spring. The Chinese, Tubed, R2Rs were best receiv... 
Moving up from a Node 2i
Yes please do report back. After reading this thread it seems many people are not all that sure what they have, how it works or if itreally works well. Reviewers seem to like Lumin. Does it work with Amazon Prime? My next buy was slated as the Inn... 
Diminishing Returns
Congrats to you RV! Did you use the 12 step program or just gocold turkey? You may have the urge to check in occasionally to see what some small minded, highly insecure types have to saybut then, why?? 
How do you audition speakers at a store?
I am curious with the hundreds of well reviewed speakers thatyou could have it down to four companies? Another company near you is DeVore. I like two of your choices quite a bit. Spendor and Joseph. Why are you only considering new? The pulsars ca... 
Why do Classical CDs sound less Alive/Real/Present ?
Usher made some great recordings. Thanks for the reminder.I had lost track of this post and now would like to belatedlythank everyone for their ideas and suggestions. I will try them all. What motivated me to ask this question is that when I play ... 
[help] I'm too Boomer to stream. :-(
One year ago I jumped into streaming as a totally Techno-challenged person and had to quit in frustration. Tried Tidal then Qobuz. The non-support was pervasive.Sold the Roon and said to myself when a major player gets involvedI will look into it ...