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Life After Your Magnepan’s
The one speaker that will truly amaze you is Sanders Sound.Roger Sanders makes one product in his Colorado shop andit is shockingly superior to everything else. $17k. Buyers get a lifetime warranty and a 500 watt stereo Amp.Read up and watch his v... 
Small room amp and speakers recommendation
Ascent, Harbeth, 3/5s. Agree with gluppy re MaggiesAllocation of funds:Speakers 40%Cables & I/Cs 5%-used onlySubwoofer 5% -Used onlyRoom treatments 10%-Assumes DIY absorbing panels. 20% integrated with decent DAC-Cambridge/Rogue10% Tt5% Dedica... 
Why are brick and mortar HiFi dealers so bad?
Of course your friend is correct when he told you the local hifi dealers feel used when people shop, listen, question then buy elsewhere. Finding a retailer that does not survive off the teat of the Home Theatre sow is rare. Mostly they have folde... 
Speakers or room
Read up  on acoustic treatments. Plenty of info available.The  untreated room is trashing your sound.  
What is the most FUN pair of speakers you've ever had and why?
In the early 70's I bought the 901's everyone said were so amazing.A few months later a friend took me to a new place called Speaker Lab.I bought the kit version of their top model -a Klipsch corner horn clone.All in under $500 assuming many hours... 
Confession of a poor power cord pairing for a Pass Labs XA-25
As there is no real question here, may I ask the XA-25 owners:-Did you buy thru RenoHiFi?-Any deal to be had? (doubting that)-How is the SQ? (As compared to whatever you replaced)I am considering  the same amp.I have 94 Eff. rated speakers so the ... 
Point of diminishing return for a DAC
If you have money to burn, pay over $1,000 for a any new DAC.Not that SQ won't get better when more $ are thrown its waybut this technology is improving like crazy.  
Tannoy Prestige Stirling
PMC,What'cha smokin? 
CD Player vs. music streaming
Two people mentioned Innuos. Zenith level $4,500. No one mentioned the other burn benefit I hear of.That is that the downloaded cd SQ actually IMPROVESwhen played back as a file. WTF you say. Me too. How? It was explained to me by the Innuos folks... 
Tannoy Prestige Stirling
I own a pair of Tannoy FSMs built in the late 80's. 15" dual concentricwith a 2nd 15" woofer. Powered by my Cary 120 MK11S or PassLabs kit 8 watt class A monoblocks. Biwired with Kimber 8ts customsplit to 3/5 tweeter/woofer. If you missed the home... 
Best used DAC under $750.
Three Things to look for:1. Not over 5 years old2. A Ladder DAC3. Tubes4. Volume control Smart to go budget now as these are improving quite quickly.Keep us posted please. Hurray for #4. 
Watts and power
I would try reading from the recognized experts. D'AGOSTINO or NELSON PASS. You will find confirmations of what Oiche lays out. Pass has a simple weight to watt ratiohe talks about for his A and A/B gear that I founda good tool.Have Fun Shopping! 
New to audio. Is there a good DAC that can produce layers of sound?
Cambridge may offer a dac/streamer. hifi at low prices even new.used jolida dac for $300 can be had. very musical. 
Upgrade Speaker Cables or Interconnects
If possible, run a dedicated 20 amp, 10-12 gauge electric power line(s) to your gear. I hired it done for $350. Then address your room reflectionswith acoustic treatment. Glass and Hard surfaces make for crapsound. Do not spend 10 cents on any cab... 
Recommendation for an audiophile speaker cord that is not "bright"?
op-if you haven't dropped dead from reading all this yet, good work.I too need a less forward top end for my ears. I met Ray Kimber at RMAF last Sept. He made me a pair of the 8's custom split.5 strands go to the woofer and 3 to the mid/upper.all ...