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Lifting the Christmas veil
I love this post. I joked when my wife handed me a gift that it must be a new amplifier. She and my daughter laughed and said, that is the last thing we would get you since we wouldn’t have a clue what to get. I consider myself fortunate. She’s re... 
Martin Logan vs. Everything
I have heard many people say that the closest sound to electrostats are open baffle speakers. Have you listened to any?  
I Cried Today
This is great! With all of the political and other divisions between us we are reminded that are all just trying to live the best life that we can. We are all part of the human family upon this iron rock hurtling through the universe. Godspeed John!  
What is meant exactly by the description 'more musical'?
Everything in audio is of course subjective because we are all a bit different. I bave Plinius amplification in two systems. I have tried many different amplifiers but I do not get the full rounded sound from other amps as compared to my Plinius. ... 
As An Experiment I Stuck A Few Things Under My Pre-Amp And Am Now On A Quest
Here’s another very low cost option. Go to your local HVAC supply house and pick up some vibration pads that are used for furnaces, air conditioners etc. they are corrugated rubber on each side with cork in the middle. I use them on all of my comp... 
Whats playing on your system today?
Goose, Forest I & II from the Ted Tapes 2021 LP.  
anyone else getting phishing popups ?
My Trend Micro antivirus provides an adblocker as well so I don’t get ads. Another tool I use is CrapCleaner which is free. I run that about every week or so to clean up unwanted files, cookies etc.  
The latest audiophile streamer craze
If your streamer is hard wired then this does not apply!  
If you were serious about sound you would...
If you were serious about sound you would build a dedicated audio room as a starting point.  
Help us build our playlist for our next show in November!
Goose, Live at Red Rocks. Prepare thyself to jam!  
Oppo UHP 205 Universal Player
Is the difference with the 205 not the fact that it has its own DAC? If you don’t need the DAC then how much real improvement is there in the drive?  
Tune of the Day
@slaw Should we just say, Robin Trower and lave it at that? 😁  
Tune of the Day
Michael Hedges, Love Bizzare  
Tune of the Day
@slaw +1 for the Church.  
Tune of the Day
Blind Melon, No Rain