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Dropouts when steaming with WiFi connection (Amazon Music).
+1 @chilehed  I went from a wifi extender to Google Mesh. The point next to my system is wired to my streamer. No more audio drop outs.    
To couple, or not to couple, that is the question
"How about for monitors on stands? Between the stand & floor or between stand & speaker?" I have the same question.   
What did they do to fix it?    
Best sounding portable CD player/radio....some would call it a boombox
You don't mention budget. My wife has a Ankor Soundcore that she uses out on the patio. It sounds OK. Usually we use  the wired Paradigm speakers. You can find Soundcore on Amazon.  
questions about buying/selling
@stereo5  It would be political suicide for any party to cut SS. It would require 60 votes in the Senate and a president's signature. Not going to  happen. Move to Canada if you wish, healthcare isn't free, the taxpayers pay for it. Enjoy the lon... 
Upgrading Bluesound Node power supply with PD Creative (Hans B. reviews on Youtube)
Thanks. Yes, I agree the lack of sorting with BluOS is annoying.  
Upgrading Bluesound Node power supply with PD Creative (Hans B. reviews on Youtube)
@cforsythe  How do the operating systems of the Node 2i and Munich M1T compare?    
CD player suggestions...
I really liked my Rega Apollo-R. Very analog sounding. I reluctantly sold it due to space limitations from reconfiguring my system.    
I had the same problem with a Cayin integrated. I thought it probably needed a new switch. I took it to a local tech, it turned out the switch was just out of alignment. He wanted to return it to me at no charge. I insisted on paying a minimum ben... 
Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
It's not on Qobuz either.   
The MoFi Mess and TAS rolling over for them
I recently received a marketing email from Music Direct promoting Fleetwood Mac - Fleetwood Mac: 2017 Remaster(Vinyl LP). I wrote them asking for the source of this pressing. This is the response from their "no reply" email: A: ... 
Best Way To Connect A Bluesound Node
@audiotroy What does this mean? "neveruse optical coax or usb willl be best" Do you ever proofread your posts? There is a preview option you can use, review the post and make corrections as necessary.      
What’s your latest high-end audio purchase?
Just in the last 3 months, a Modwright PH 9.0x and an Audio Technica ART 9xi.  A couple of days ago, Supra Excalibur USB cable. I'm just about done with upgrades.  
Where did you buy your first audio gear?
Sound Systems, Palo Alto, mid 70's.    
Diagonal speaker wiring with Jumpers
Shaw has said that he included dual binding posts on some models because of feedback from customers and also for marketing purposes.