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How To Keep Cat Off Stereo Equipment?
I don't have a cat, but I cover my amplifier with a cover from Stan at Radio Dust Covers.        
Best US second hand dealers that ship overseas
For Modwright, check with Underwood HiFi in Maui.    
Big orchestral sound in pop, rock etc.
Best Phono Preamp mm/mc under $3500.00 used
The Modwright PH 9.0X is excellent. I preferred it over the Parasound JC3+ and the Pass XP-15.   
Keith Reid RIP
I always enjoy watching this performance of Whiter Shade Of Pale.      
No longer getting daily forum discussions
I had the same problem last year. I contacted Tammy in Support, she resolved the issue.  
I just moved and insurance
Testpilot, true. My comments above are based on 35 years in the insurance industry. I mentioned checking with your agent in the first paragraph.    
I just moved and insurance
@elrod Sorry, wrong. Most policies have a full replacement cost endorsement for personal property. Most agents will add it routinely. Just ask to make sure you have it. As far as payment, most company’s will pay the actual cash value (used price)... 
I just moved and insurance
As others have stated,, Stereo equipment is covered under your Homeowners policy with no special endorsement. To make sure read the sections of your policy entitled "special limits on covered property". This is where you will find limits on jewelr... 
Audiogon Retail Price listings are not accurate
I always check the retail price of any used equipment I am considering for purchase. Very easy to do.    
We should reject hard-to-drive speakers more often
@bdp24 Yes, it was Sound Systems, a really nice shop. From reading your posts, we were living in the bay area about the same time. Winterland, Fillmore, Avalon Ballroom, etc. I traded the Infinity's in for SAE speakers, also not very efficient. T... 
We should reject hard-to-drive speakers more often
@erik_squires  Your reference to hard to drive Infinity Speakers brings back memories of my first "high end" purchase. In the early 70's I was at a hi-fi store in Palo Alto. They had the Infinity 2000A Electrostatic speakers (4 Ohm) on display pl... 
From an MHDT to an Audio Mirror, quick impressions
Thanks for your detailed response, much appreciated.  
From an MHDT to an Audio Mirror, quick impressions
@wlutke  Do you like the U2 Mini App? Do you prefer it over BLOS?  
Upgrade Cables or Just Upgrade Equipment & Live in Shame?
What Soix said regarding the ethernet cables. Take a look at Supra. Available on ebay, seller is Zenda? Reasonable pricing and a nice upgrade.