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What's the best way to soundproof a room on budget
If you can, stagger the studs in the wall so a stud is only connected to one panel of sheet rock. Then fill the wall with fiberglass insulation, snaking the insulation between the adjoining studs. That keeps the wall from becoming a drum, and damp... 
Hypex Ncore NC1200 Amps at NY Audio Show in April
Isanchez: I, too, thought the Waterfall speakers/Aragon/ManleyPre was the surprise room with a very linear,open, balanced sound. I assumed glass would ring, but didn't hear it.As for the Vivids, I fault the room size for the bass bloat some have m... 
Hypex Ncore NC1200 Amps at NY Audio Show in April
I thought the Mola Mola/Vivid Giya setup was stunningly good. Amazing how it could go from intimate to orchestral and sound equally great. 
best vocal harmonies in rock
The Roches (three sisters) are the best harmonies I've heard. Kind of like the female Everly Brothers with the third sibling harmony. Urban folk and stunning. 
Why no reviews of the Magnepan 3.7 in Stereophile
"Advertisement can morph..."I'd make that "Advertisement could morph" unless someone has proof. The brain has a nasty habit of "knowing" stuff it couldn't possibly know, and we all need to keep a close watch on what it is coming up with. 
Best 5 engineered rock albums?
Some candidates:Tommy - WhoExcitable Boy - Warren ZevonAmerican Beauty - DeadAbbey Road - BeatlesWish You Were Here - Pink Floyd 
Help me pick some speakers
Re: Thiel 3.5. I did an in-home demo of the 3.5's and KEF 104.2 with a Perreaux 2150 amp and matching preamp. To me, the Thiel 3.5's were extremely bright and a Beatle's CD was almost unlistenable. Maybe it was a bad match or the Thiels weren't br... 
preamp vs integrated
Since you're not using phono, the preamp section is probably attenuating the signal instead of amplifying it, which is why passives work for CD sources. Without the need to equalize and amplify phono cartridges, the role of separate preamps might ... 
The Audio Research Reference 10 is here $30k
The only AR preamps I've heard and owned were the SP-11 and the LS3. I liked them both, and AR has every right to market and price as they like, but it seems like they are playing some type of Catch-the-new-Best thing, dangling something even bett... 
Is audio a kind of spiritual journey?
If you believe the journey is to arrive in the moment, without ego, and connected to something outside yourself, then yes, music over some systems can take you there. But possessions would work against reaching that state, and I just realized I've... 
You know you're an audiophile if--
You could use a 30 minutes option on Recent Discussions. 
Which songs or musical standards have haunted you?
Long Long Time - written by Gary White and sung by Linda Rondstadt. Haunting phrasing and words, sung in a haunting manner. 
The Audio Research Reference 10 is here $30k
It must be hard to solder the parts together when you're chuckling. 
Easter Bunny Lays New Egg
I've just posted pictures of my new "Wall of Sound" virtual system. IPhone $400400 Egg Beats $4000 
McCormack DNA 225 or Mark Levinson No.27
It may have just been a difficult load, but I was driving some Martin Logan Quests (original) just fine with a McCormack DNA-1, but they sounded pretty bad when I tried the ML27. I think the ML27.5 is better than the ML27, but never tried it