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Levinson 27.5
The tried the ml27 (not .5) with the original ML Quests, and it was a horrible combination. 
Accuphase E-560 versus VAC Sigma 160i
Has anyone gone from a Vac Avatar to the 160i? If so, how much improvement? 
Still mystified by mega expensive power cords
The two words,"Everything matters" has made a few people rich, and a lot of people poorer. Stereo systems can easily be seen as a string of pearls that is degraded by any pearl that is not as expensive as its neighbors. That can just be an illusio... 
Last time you felt that "tingling" sensation?
The acapella section of Uncle John's Band by the 'Dead. 
KEF 104/2 T33 tweeter replacement
There's a YouTube video on the replacement process, which takes some work. There's an eBay refurb service for the originals. The originals are no longer available. 
KEF 104/2 T33 tweeter replacement
There's a YouTube 
Norah Jones
Maybe it helps that her father was Ravi Shankar. 
Preamp and DAC to drive KEF Reference 104/2?
They're very easy to drive, so a lot of options would work. I'd spend $50 each to get the tweeters refurbished, (check eBay) and buy a decent used sub and cross over at 50hz, then just get enough power, which isn't that much. I drove a pair with a... 
Does it bother you?
Many audiophiles treat music as if it was fragile, carefully passing it to speakers over kilo-buck elevated wires and through a dozen other danger spots that could break it. But music is incredibly resilient. Pump it through ninety miles of air an... 
Aleph 3 - Its 2013, are they still awesome ?
I tried the Aleph 0's with Martin Logan Quests and thought they were boring. They look cool and have a great sexy name, but make sure you emotionally love the sound with the speakers you choose. 
why no recent Merlin speaker reviews?
The few times I've seen them at shows I appreciated Bobby letting the speakers "speak" for themselves, and thought they sounded solid.I don't base much on "no recent reviews." The review business is geared to selling new products with the bias tha... 
Why does most new music suck?
I think the brain remembers "Firsts" and kind of loses track of repetition. I record the late-night guest bands, and most are derivative of my own "Firsts," but that doesn't mean they're worse.I agree that Radio Paradise does a stellar job of blen... 
Best Rock Song Of ALL TIME?
The pivot point was "I want to Hold Your Hand." Everything changed once you heard it. 
Mulgrew Miller RIP
I saw him once at the Village Vanguard, and one of the people in our group was so inspired they went back and quit their day job to pursue jazz piano. TotHat to Mulgrew. 
Next step after Benchmark DAC1
I just started feeding my Benchmark DAC1 through a Wireworld Starlight USB from a Windows 7 laptop, and have been listening to Radio Paradise at 192kb. I think it sounds great, and like it better than when fed from CD player over coax. Seems smoot...