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Upgrading ET-2 tonearm to something better
Clearaudio have three tangential arms.  I have not seen them.  Another approach is put a DS Audio (optical transducer) in your arm, as I have done with my ET-2.  Tangential is good for optical transducers because the skating can be well controlled.  
Rooftop solar panels impact on audio SQ
Austinpop at described adding a Tesla system to his home.  URLs are https://a... 
Do I really need an " Audio Grade Network Switch "?
I have been there with an ETHERregen, power, and external clock.  It made a difference in sound from the DAC (Meitner MA1) if I used a wired interface, eg AES/EBU, from the EMM NS1 to the DAC.  If I used Toslink with a DH Labs glass master cable a... 
mcontrol: change in behavior?
It is the Linn extensions to UPNP/DLNA that support multi-track playback without intervention but I do not know how you have lost that support.  
What do you guys think of adding a subwoofer to this system?
It is best to use a crossover with low pass to the subwoofer and high pass to the mains. That means preamp/amp instead if integrated. Try just low pass to a subwoofer and complete signal to mains. If you cannot get a good integration then you know... 
Best streamers WITHOUT a DAC
I use EMM Labs NS1 and Toslink output with DH Labs glass master cable but it also has AES/EBU and EMM specific ST fibre. Roon endpoint and UPNP/DLNA control with mcontrolHD app.  
High end turntables
A cartridge transducer that is based on amplitude for voltage generation will not emphasize ticks and pops, eg cartridges from DS Audio.  Magnetic cartridges are currently based on velocity for voltage generation thus ticks and pops result in volt... 
Eminent Technology ET-2 Tonearm Owners
Has anyone noticed if their ET-2[.5] is acting like an antenna and picking up RFI  and what have you been able to do about it ?