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I moved the phono equalizer close to the TT so I could use a two foot cable pair I made.  The signal wire is 24 AWG solid copper and the shield is 3/8" braided for low capacitance of 15 pf/foot.  The dielectric between signal and shield is cotton ... 
Honest Experience on Effects of Subwoofer Please
The high pass filter is important to reduce the load on the mains (which are not handling the low frequencies well) and to better blend the subs with the mains.  Use a calibrated microphone and computer software, eg REW, to setup the sub positions... 
Apple Air Pod Pros as Hearing Aids
I received a pair today from Costco.  I will use them for conversation.  Music I can turn up.  My understanding is they are for mild to moderate hearing loss and fit might be an issue.  
The best way to start adding A=analog to my system
@saulh I think your analog chain is good.  I will caution the cable from the TT to phono stage should be short, 60 cm if you can, and low capacitance from signal to shield (try for 50 pf/metre).  You may need to make the cable. The output impedanc... 
Experience with DS Audio Optical Cartridge Systems
I have a DS-W2 cartridge and EMM Labs DS-EQ1 equalizer since November 2020.  Clear with bass as good as digital.  Most people use the DS cartridge in a pivoted arm (probably what they have) but I switched to a tangential (used Eminent Technology E... 
What I have found - Makes a good Cable !
I recently built a two foot pair of cables for turntable to equalizer where the signal voltage is about 50mv.  Capacitance between signal wire and cable shield was the most important parameter.  My last build was 15pf per foot and the improved cla... 
new Meitner MA3 hit the rack today
I use the internal streamer in the MA3.  I had an NS1 connected via Toslink, glass cable, to the MA3 and could not determine a difference.  
Can a great system make a mediocre recording sound good?
Garbage in equals garbage out. I have good vinyl playback now and records I do not like go to the dump.  Bad digital gets deleted from the NAS.  
The best way to start adding A=analog to my system
Introducing vinyl playback can lead to substantial expense.  My first action would be to upgrade the digital playback.  Put the CDs on a NAS (with SSD) and get a recent streamer/DAC (eg Meitner MA3).  If still wanting vinyl playback be aware in ad... 
which turntable for the future?
The Michell turntables can be improved by installing a kit from Gert Pedersen, I installed Gert's kit for the Orbe SE. Complete change of the TT for the better.  Otherwise I think the Kuzma Stabi R is interesting.  
Why still USB 2.0?
I expect if USB 3.x was lower noise than 2.0 it would be in use.  
Subwoofer between speakers?
I once tried an eight cubic foot bass between the mains.  The large box affected the sound waves and killed the soundstage.  
Help with choosing sub-woofers please
I had been using a single 15" woofer for about 45 years, either sum L+R or just use R.  Neither are correct as each channel should have a woofer or more. The electronic filter for low pass was 36Hz at 18db per octave.  Full signal went to the Quad... 
Ayre Acoustics MXR-Twenty and KX-5 Twenty owners...
I suggest you consider the Meitner MA3 streaming DAC.  I use one into a KX-5 Twenty.  
Has your system evolved in the past 10 years?
In my main system only the Quad ESL 63 main speakers, a modified Michell Orbe SE turntable (with updated arm and cartridge), and MD FM tuner remain.  The rest is new and improved.