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Looking for a preamp with XLR connections
Look for the number of line inputs, power outputs, line level recorder output if needed. Multiple power outputs are needed if you want to use subs, may need single ended or balanced for that. The Ayre KX-5 Twenty checks the boxes for me.  
Does the Eminent Technology 2.5 arm work well with the Transcriptors Reference turntable?
@chowkwan, the Orbe SE is modified with a Gert Pedersen kit that transforms the TT (no springs part of it), The cartridge is a DS Audio W2, an optical transducer that benefits from no anti-skating forces of a properl... 
Does the Eminent Technology 2.5 arm work well with the Transcriptors Reference turntable?
You probably need to make an armboard. The dimensions to locate the arm are in the ET 2 manual.  I made one from strips (for seasonal stability) of birch for an Michell Orbe SE.  
Upstream Bottlenecks, Experience, Opinions, Meitner Dac
@bigwave1, I am using a DIY power cable with a shield and Furutech connectors.  Also using an Elgar isolation transformer (from the days when I had digital spaghetti) and the MA3 sits on a Gingko Cloud 10.  
Upstream Bottlenecks, Experience, Opinions, Meitner Dac
Do you mean Meitner MA3 ? I play files on NAS and Tidal using ROON with MA3 connected to the home Netgear switch with 70 feet of CAT5. I have had in the system for two years an Uptone Audio EtherRegen and an EMM Labs NS1 (Toslink to MA3).  Both no... 
Suggestions for Digital Audio Recorder
I use the Tascam DA-3000 to record DSD128.  It can also be used to record the output of another A/D converter.  
Anyone have experience with a Quad 405 amp with Quad 57s?
I have been using modded 405-2 amps with ESL 57s for more then 25 years.  I leave amps and speakers powered 24/7.  
Will rebuilt Quad ESL 57s take the place on a great $30K dynamic speaker?
I have ESL 57s since 1975 and ESL 63s since 2000.  The 63s are in my audio system with two JL E112 subs.  The 57s are in my video system with two 15" woofers, not currently connected as I need to build a crossover.   One must be careful with the ... 
Best power amp for Quad 63
I am using an Ayre VX-5 Twenty. Perhaps a used unit is available.  
DSD and aliasing?
The higher the recording sample frequency the higher the low pass filter can be. DSD does not need a low pass filter.  A low pass filter causes a phase shift at frequencies that may confuse the playback sound.  Some DACs are better at Redbook play... 
I'm at the pearly gates and they tell me I can only bring in one jazz cd
"Samara Joy" by Samara Joy, a great young jazz singer.  
DAC recommendation in 5 to 10K range
This is an interesting direction I have been thinking for a short while by getting a network capable DAC instead, and I may head in this way at some point.  Do you have any experience with this DAC having ethernet input from router/switch instead... 
DAC recommendation in 5 to 10K range
If you can audition a Meitner MA3 try ethernet from the server to the MA3.  Let the MA3 resample to DSD1024 before converting to analog.  
JL Audio CR-1 Crossover
For those that want to populate a supplied board to build a crossover there is  
DS Audio Ionizer for analog Playback
I do not have one but have a friend who does.  If you are having a problem it works.