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New to SET - Help in all areas
HiI live in MI. also and use a SET amplifier.I have gone from solid state to push pull tube amps but in my opinion the SET have provided the most live music like experience thus far(of course YMMV).i`m using the Coincident Statement, linestage,Fra... 
Sounds better at home
GrimaceI know what you mean. A few weeks ago a friend and I went to a local jazz club in Detroit, the legendary Baker`s Keyboard Lounge. This club has excellent sound but for what ever reason they decided to use a speaker system to boost the bass ... 
Which matters more, DAC or transport?
Based on my own experience both obviously matter but I would say transport 70% and the DAC 30%. There is nothing a DAC can do to compensate a poor performing transport. It all depends on a superior signal. 
What is it about the Cary SLI-80?
AzaudYOU sound as if you were happy with the Cary what caused you to switch to the Frankensteins and how do they compare? 
How loud do you like to play your music?
Most of my music is acoustical jazz small combo ie quintets and sextets which usally includes a piano. My range is 65 to 80db with 85db plenty loud. I still want to hear fine music 20 years from now. 
How good is the coincident frankenstein mark 2 amp
Hi Jhzoller, did you buy based on previous Coincident product satisfaction or was there comparison to other highly regarded SET amps and is this your first SET amplifier?Thanks 
Shindo and Coincident
Hi DasHave you heard the frankensteins yet? Israel knows what he is doing I would think those amps could be magical with your speakers. If they can drive the TV4 and the Pure reference full range with utter ease why not theTE2. 
Anyone Try First Watt amp with Total Victory IV
Hi Abill Currently there are two used Coincident 300b amps available on audiogon that would be splendid with your TV1V.Those are very highly regarded by the way. 
How good is the coincident frankenstein mark 2 amp
Just curious Byfo,Montejay and Pechtm did you all consider or compare other SET amps before selecting the frankensteins. I had nearly chosen the dehavilland 845 amp prior to finally picking the franks. 
How good is the coincident frankenstein mark 2 amp
Byfo and Montejay thanks for you input. Montejay it is nice to know that after a year of ownership you are still amazed with the performance of these amplifiers. Arthur Salvatore who seems to be ultra selective and demanding of audio components ap...