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My Sonic Lab Platinum v Gold Signature
@wrm57 Did you end up with the MSL Signature Gold?  
Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement v2 vs My Sonic Lab (MSL) Signature Platinum
  mijostyn, Thanks for your insight.  
BEL The Wire S-24 Speaker Cable
@roxy54  I hook up the cable to my current system and it sounds quite good.  I want to get another pair to have a double run.  
BEL The Wire S-24 Speaker Cable
  @bdp24 Agree.  I used to own a pair BEL 1001 MKV mono blocks and the BEL Wire was a great cable for them. I am going to put a Wanted ad.  
BEL The Wire S-24 Speaker Cable
Thanks for the suggestion.  I just want to get another pair of BEL the Wire S-24.  
BEL The Wire S-24 Speaker Cable
I know what you are saying.  I am currently using it and I like the result.  I like get an additional pair for biwiring or double run.  
BEL The Wire S-24 Speaker Cable
Dick Brown made the BEL 1001 and the BEL wires. If anyone has the BEL The Wire S-24 and doesn’t want to keep it, l am more than happy to buy from you.  
No love for Legacy Audio
@mikekollar  I have the Focus XD for eight months now.  They are great speakers  Very live and dynamic sounding.  I owned quite a few speakers in the past and they were all floor standing.  None of them can compete with the XD on dynamics and bas... 
First impressions of the Isoacoustic Gaia 1’s
I put the GAIA I underneath my Legacy Audio speakers and the soundstage and everything opened up.  I was able to hear the difference immediately.  Well worth the money.  
Legacy XD series for tube amplifier thoughts
I have a pair of Focus XD and their bass is outstanding.  Two 12" each side is a lot of bass.  And the bass is well defined, tight and deep.  Subs would be nice but they take up too much bass.  And you also need to spend time to integrate the subs... 
Pass x260.8 v. Parasound JC1+?
The best is to try it in your own system.  Everyone has different taste.  You think it is bright, I think it is perfect.  I have some experience with JC1+ and it is not bright at all in my opinion.    
More Bass
I just bought Focus XD three months ago.  Their bass is just out of this world.  Best bass I have ever experienced in my audiophile life for over 30 years.  I had Thiel CS7.2, Revel Salon 2, Alon Exotica with Thunderbolt sub before.  But the Focus... 
Magico A3 vs. Wilson SabrinaX
I think we are paying a lot for the cabinet and finish for these speakers.  I am sure they both sound fine and look good.  No one here can tell you which is better.  You are the only one who makes the decision.  I suggest you take a look at Legacy... 
Warning for Revel lovers
I wish you knew they stopped making Salon2 for years.  Obviously you did not know.  Glad you got your money back.  But waiting for over a year for nothing is no fun.  I sold my Salon2 just end of last year.  They are great speakers.  I called Reve... 
Legacy Audio Focus XD - Gain Matching Issue between the internal and external amp?
kota1, I tried the XD with two different amps.  Both amps have slightly different gain.  I don't notice any difference.  Both amps are fine with the XD.  I believe a few db difference between amps is hard to notice, especially in the bass.  Basic...