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Would I benefit with Roon?
To all the responders, thank you very much!!!!!! I guess I can't go wrong with the free trail. Just one last question. Do you know if Ron will allow me to download to two different Macs so I can control from two different locations in my home.  
Would I benefit with Roon?
And one last question. I use the Bluesound app on two computers in different parts of my home. they are on the same network, so I can control from two locations in the house. Will I be able to download Roon twice.    
Would I benefit with Roon?
I am the go poster. Another big question. I listen to some FM stations using Tune In. Is that compatible with Roon?  
Would I benefit with Roon?
Thank you all for your most useful input and thoughts. One thing I wasn't aware of, that Roon doesn't support Amazon Music. I don't think that Amazon is any where as good in terms of audio as Qobuz, but I do like a lot of their playlists and stati... 
Your thoughts on best audiophile speakers in $10,000 neighborhood?
Pure Audio Project beats all!!!!  
SET Lovers, what's the one solid state amp you love(d)?
Pass Labs INT 25 is supposed to be fabulous.  
MM phono preamp upgrade for $1000?
Icon Audio. Made in the UK. Tube!!!!!! And it has a mono switch. Will be offering mine shortly on Audiongon.  
Please Recommend Highly Efficient Floor Standing Non-Horn Speaker Suggestions
Check out Pure Audio Project.  
Measuring amp power.
twoleftears,Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Measuring amp power.
To all the responders, Thanks for your input. I don't think it was a stupid question, but some might (and obviously) disagree.  I actually love my amp in my current set up and have no intentions of upgrading. Merely a case of curiosity.Btw, the am... 
Measuring amp power.
millercarbon, just really curious. I use a 300B SET amp that I am very happy with. Just would like to test the manufacturer’s specs.Thanks 
Anybody have ant thoughts re using 2 Herbie's tube dampers on 1 tube?
Wow, I just love this hobby. Never thought that my question would precipitate such a lively discussion. Thank you all for the very provocative input.I'm in the "you can't over damp" group and the "you must experiment" camp.Thanks and best regards ... 
Update on Audiogon Member Almarg
Al is what this hobby is all about, both super knowledgeable and a gentleman. He helped me out in several very frustrating and sophisticated situations. His knowledge and ability to diagnose problems are legendary.Wish the best to Al and his famil... 
What have you found to be a good classic Jazz online station?
+1 WBGO 
Measuring turntable speed
Try RPM Pro. An app for your smartphone. You put the phone on your turntable and the results are really accurate.