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I went from KEF Reference 1 speakers to Yamaha NS-5000 and really enjoyed the upgrade.  Qualio's IQ is really nice if you want to try open baffle.  
Salk Future TBD
I think Salk is just using off the shelf drivers, so driver replacement is actually easier compared to manufacturers that use bespoke drivers.    
Amp and Preamp recommendations for Yamaha NS5000
How about Accuphase?  That was Yamaha's choice for gear at the audio shows before they came out with the 5000 separates line.  
I bought them directly from Qualio (about $5800 including shipping to the USA).  I think Qualio is direct to consumer only.  These speakers would cost way more (and still be worth it) if there were middlemen involved.  
I actuially ordered these speakers after finding about them in this very thread.  It was ricevs's enthusiasm that really got me interested.  I'll report back after the speakers are broken in and I get some serious listening in, but here are some ... 
Kef Reference 1 Meta Impedance Puzzle
I think KEF deliberately made the woofer that way to get as much bass out of the speaker as possible.  I own the non-meta Reference 1 speakers, and the bass is shockingly good when using an amplifier capable of delivering a lot of current.  With a... 
Revel F228be
Do you have the space for open baffle speakers?  The Qualio IQ speakers from Poland appear to be an amazing value for $5500. If you want something more mainstream, check out Perlisten.  They are using state of the art design and materials.  IMHO ... 
Bang for the buck
If bang for your buck is the main consideration, some sort of DIY kit speaker can  offer an amazing value by using the same drivers that are found in expensive speakers ($25,000+).    
Are carbon fiber speaker cabinets inherently better than wood or metal ones
It takes a lot of  time and specialized labor to get satisfactory results with carbon fiber compared to applying wood veneer over a MDF box.    
If you had to narrow your choices to 4 - 5 speakers
Yamaha NS-5000  
Are you interested in the new generation of "old school" design loudspeakers?
I am really pleased with my Yamaha NS-5000 speakers.  Inside the speaker is a lot of cutting edge engineering, despite the old school looks.  They image much better than the much slimmer KEFs they replaced, so I see no downside of having a large b... 
Considering moving to separates with a tube preamp-appreciate recommendations
Definitely check out the Yamaha M-5000.  It's a beast of an amp, despite the 100 watt rating.  I replaced a Coda No. 8 amp with the M-5000 and could not be more pleased.   Also keep an eye on the retailers that sell them.  Not long ago one had re... 
Best Class D GaNFET Amp Comparison. Who to invite?
Technics needs to be in the mix.  I believe they were the first to offer GaN in the USA.  
More Bass
navyachts, I own a Coda No.8 V1, and based on my experience with it, I suspect it is the cause of your bass problem.  I have used the Coda amp with 2 different speakers, KEF Reference 1 and Yamaha NS-5000, and have found much stronger bass with o... 
Older Revel vs Newer Magicos
One reservation I would have with the Revels' is parts support if you ever need a replacement driver in the future.  Those midrange drivers and woofers with the titanium diaphragms are not in production any more, so the supply of replacement drive...