Zu audio

I am interested in these speakers but a little skeptical of their claims on website

10 inch driver has 11 versions of nano...

Nano materials...
Nano- sanctified..."

Who is buying this nanononsense?


I paid shipping to get my Zu Union speakers but they paid the return shipping. They extended my return. Very fair practice just didn’t love them.

Who really cares about any hype?  It is the sound that matters.  If you heard them and like the sound, that is all that matters.  The Zu’s I’ve heard were all very dynamic sounding speakers, but the sound was too bright and brittle sound for my taste.  They can initially dazzle with such dynamics, but in the long run they can be tiring.  A local dealership in my area that takes other brands of gear in trade takes in a lot of Zu speakers in trade from such exhausted owners.


Im curious

What are your speakers that you are referring to?

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I’ve heard Druid, Omen, and definition models most recently and many others whose names I can’t recall.  I very much like the vivid, exciting sound they deliver (something often missing in modern speakers), but the sound was too sibilant, lean, and edgy for my taste.  Others may like that sound, or accept a shortcoming because its strengths have high priority, but one must hear them to make the determination.  All speakers should be auditioned, but certain speakers are particularly polarizing because they sound quite different from the crowd; Zu’s are in this group.