Your impression Talking Heads 9/11/23 I Max restoration of the 1984 'Stop Making Sense'?

Mentioned in the bands Q & A following the presentation, the audio used was an early digital (possibly Betamax) recording which apparently degraded less over time than the audio tape used for the DVD.


A great concert that I watched again just recently. If they can make an improved version I would purchase it.

Sorry this is a bit off topic - but are there any good remastered CD versions of Talking Heads early albums?  I have the 2005 CDC/DVD reissues and was really disappointed.  In the liner notes they mention the poor sound quality of the original recordings, so maybe that is the best that is possible?



I am partial to the Original cd pressings. Otherwise, the CD/DVD box set (Brick) is the best remasters.


Happy Listening!