Would used Shunyata Anaconda CX power cables still be a good choice at right price?

If I ran across a mint Shunyata Anaconda power cable at a decent price, is it still a good buy? I know there are quite a few out there with original box, testing papers, etc. 


I'm not looking for opinions on other cables...just this particular make. There's a dealer close that I may make an offer on one.


Is this for an amp, pre amp, or digital? I have been using Shunyata Research Alpha HC for my mono block amps and like them very much. The Anaconda is from the same time period if I am not mistaken. You can always call Richard at Shunyata, he is aways very helpful.

Its for my Luxman 595 class a integrated. I am admitting I'm considering for the visual appeal a bit....however, it must perform great as well

I have been very happy with everything from Shunyata. I have power cables, I/C, and a Denali. Sorry, I cannot comment on the exact cable you are interested in.

I may make an offer and see what happens. There's a nice pair (selling separately) here on AG however, I'm not certain the owner will take what I have to offer.

@aberyclark I’m late with this but I’ll post it in case you haven’t purchased yet.  I have had all Shunyata power cables for over a decade. I have an Anaconda Helix CX on a Cary SLI-80HS with all the upgrades. I’m very pleased with it BUT… last spring I replaced a Hydra 4 with a Denali 6000/S v2.  Its new cable wasn’t completed yet so I used the Python Helix CX that was previously on the Hydra 4.  The Denali was a large improvement but I really had no idea of what it was capable. The Shunyata Alpha XC was another large improvement when it replaced the Python Helix CX on the Denali

I’m not familiar with your amp but You may want to check out the latest Shunyata power cables.  

@aberyclark - take a look at Audio Envy or even Zavfino cables.

Don;t be fooled by theri price, they are both very good perofrmers

They would be my preference over Shunyata cables

Regards - Steve