Wireless 5.1 system

Looking for a wireless soundbar, sub, and surrounds for my living room.  This is for TV/movies where, IMO, SQ is not all that critical.  Looking to spend less than $1k.  I have HT receiver & TV (duh!).  TIA
have you tried a google search on this ?      I see that there are a lot of options available
I want to make sure you know that “wireless” is a bit of a misnomer since you’ll still need power cables at each location where you put a “wireless” speaker and at least one (usually the soundbar) will need a cable from the TV or HT receiver to get the signal...depending on your room, passive wired speakers might be just as simple, especially since you already have a HT receiver.

If the budget is flexible, Sonos would run you about $1700 and Bluesound also has similar soundbar, sub, surround combos you could put together that would sound good but be over budget by quite a bit. You could start with just the soundbar +/- sub and slowly add as your finances allow. Either would also let you move the surrounds to other locations for multiroom audio when you aren’t using them for TV (my brother-in-law regularly moves one to the deck and one to the kitchen to have background music for parties).

Sorry I don’t have knowledge of an option that falls within your budget, but hopefully someone else will. Good luck.