Wilson MAXX II speakers-

anyone willing to offer their opinions on these speakers-
how great an improvement do they represent over the maxx-I?
i liked thw maxx's but i wonder if they're a bit much for a 14x20 room. my eggleston andra-II's are already "shaking the walls"! too bad wilson doesn't make a w.puppy with an 8 and a 10 or two 10's (woofers) & refine/replace the tweeters (with a scanspeak or a dynaudio)--(soft dome). but, i truly love the build quality of wilsons...
forget it for your room ... if you want a wilson the sophia may be the right size for your room or look elsewhere.
I just listened to them this weekend and they are huge step up from my WP7's (wall of music and the attack dynamics are utterly amazing).. they are better than the prior Maxx.

if you used them in your room, just treat the first order reflection points correctly (ceiling included). They will be large, but they would still work in you room in my opinion. Contact Wilson to discuss.

Just don't get black and they won't look so large! Remember you can get cool colors with Wilsons!

Send me an email and I'll send you pictures of the Maxx II's in the BMW Steel blue with a Titanium colored XS sub in the background and some Rowland 302's on the floor.. Let me know what size is your max for your email

My MAXX 2's arrived last week, and straight out of the box they presented sound and images more accurately, more musically, than any other speaker system I've had through my room--and there have been many. Compared to my prior setup of Wilson 7's plus WATCH Dog, the MAXX 2's literally redefine the music listening experience in terms of scale, realistic dynamic shadings, as well as image solidity and dimension. The MAXX 2's make any other speaker I have owned or heard under controlled conditions, sound compressed and dynamically challenged--with the possible exceptions being the Grand Utopia Be's and the Wilson Alexandrias.

The MAXX 2's greatest advantage over the original MAXX is one of harmonic truth and integrity. The original MAXX's could, in some contexts, sound slightly cool, slightly mechanical by comparison-- especially within an all SS/digital system. Piano and voice through the MAXX 2's have just the right amount of warmth, naturalness and fullness to complement their stunning representation of dynamics, pace, power and timing in music.

My room is 16 X 19 X 8, and I too was concerned about the space-constraints and possible mismatch. While I am sure more space would be better, I don't feel shortchanged in the least and am convinced I am realizing virtually all the magic these speakers have to offer.

My advice is to listen to the speakers if possible, but for me, they were about the greatest value I could have run into in terms of musical involvement.
well, i wouldn't mind a pair in ferrari blue (dark royal blue metalic)! i have levinson 33h amps (really nice once you really get to hear them at home- warm, dynamic, grainless- levinson has come a long way- funny; they sounded very clean but "analytical" at the store). i reject any argument that you HAVE to use tube amps to get wilsons to sound musical- either wilson's evolve to the point where you have a variety of choices of associated gear or you don't. anyway, i don't need a lot of volume, just a well delineated midrange (i'll never forget how the wilson wamm's presented separate instruments in a symphony orchestra)... thanks for your responses.
Yes, I know the 33's and 33H's well. They are exceptional amps that would mate extremely well with the MAXX 2's, as would a cornucopia of amplifier types, from single-ended to high-current solid-state.

I did not infer that you have to have tubes with any Wilson's to successfully match them within a system. However, my opinion is that the original MAXX's had a slightly more definable "character"-- cooler and less complete, less robust--less neutral than the more chameleon-like MAXX 2's-- again, referring only to tonal balance.

All speakers and components at this level should be carefully matched to the listener and his/her preference. The MAXX 2's performance simplifies such a process, as they should at their price. If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend seeking out a trial.
I am waiting for the update for my original MAXX - which i love dearly (replaced a pair of B&W Nautilus 800).

By the way - I run them in a room 15' x 15' (though with a ceiling height of 14' and opening into a room of 15' x 30'. However, my listening chair is only about 6 1/2 ft away from the speakers which are about the same distance apart and toed in - this is a great set-up with precise imaging and a wide deep stage. (see picture in My System) MAXX can definitely be used in a smaller room and close up!

(FYI: I run them with KR Kronzilla Doublemonos (tube) with 40 WPC - and I have no power problem whatsoever...)

You will have a lot of fun with the MAXX II!!

arthur, could you please explain what the update is on the maxx-1 that you are referring to ? (i may be able to get a used pair of m-1's). i have the comparison picture from wilson- the maxx-2
uses a new tweeter, all new crossovers, and a redesigned head unit. i wonder if the bass cabinet has changed that much (other than the grill hardware). then there's the mysterious use of "X" material... anyway, let me know. thanks.
The update is not out yet - seems to take a while after the launch of the Mk II speakers... But I was told by WA that a few elements of the Mk II are available as upgrade - presumably the new tweeter and cross-overs. The casework is obviously a bit hard to upgrade... Prices for the upgrade are also not yet available...

I use a pair of Max 11's in place os Soundlab A1's and Martin Logan Prodigys. I have for years been a fan of electrostatic panels especially with the fast, uncoloured and transparent imaging. The Wilsons give most of this, but have tremendous dynamics, resolution and timing. It all comes down to life like imaging and playback. I usually leave my grills in place because they help to attenuate the sound and avoid unwanted room resonances. I have a lively listening room. I use solid state pre with tubed power amps and transparent cables. The result is that I get transported into real live musical experiences. Until you have owned these speakers you don't really know what you are missing.
Can anyone help?

I have the Maxx 2 in a large room, 25 x 16 x 10 feet. Right now the speakers are about 9 ft from front wall and about 9 ft apart.

My problem is that I cannot experience low bass at the sitting position. The lowest bass is always to the right and left of the sitting position between the chair and the side wall.

Any experience on how to resolve this is appreciated.
Sounds like you are sitting in bass null, only way to fix that is to move your listening position, or add room treatments, which for bass can become quite expensive.

I attended a presentation given by Tony Grimani MSR he covered this very subject very extensively.

Best of luck

I would move the speakers a little backward, may be a foot or so, towards to the front wall. In general, this will add more punch on bass at the expense of shallower sound stage.