WiFi Streaming Versus An Ethernet Cable Connection

Hey All,

I have a fairly new Bryston BDP 3 streamer/renderer. I haven't been all that happy with the sound of streaming on Qobuz. However may local files on my SSD sound astonishing. The router I'm using is standard for 500 GB but it's nothing special. I'm currently connected to my BDP 3 with a utilitarian 7 cat ethernet cable. Instead of buying a better modem/router and audiophile ethernet cable, I'm considering Bryston's WiFi dongle. Anybody familiar with wireless HiFi streaming? Thanks!


No comparison if you have a quality cable modem-router like my Motorola 8702 

that is faster and even wifi is better for tv, but a Quality direct connection 

is far better in detail and resolution ,But you have to have 2 quality Ethernet cables 

a god usb cable Ma quality Ethernet switch that has low noise regulators,linear power supply and A OCXO Ethernet switch Alvin at Denafrips is partnered to 

and a 12 volt 4amp+ LPS to the router , if you are a true Audiophile you want your digital streaming to be Clean ,detailed,and natural. I tried fiberoptic with the best modules and cable it’s quiet but sucks the life out of the music vs high quality cables. I spent over a year with many in our audio club. BTW Linear Tube Audio 

have by a long shot the best LPS out there ,we even put the $1200 Paul Hines against it and fared and several others ,for $750 it’s a steal and comes with a excellent DC cable others charge $150 extra for,myself being in Audio for 4 decades know inside parts quality well ,e-mail my if you want to know specifics vs the competition.

High speed WiFi mesh.  Anywhere I connect in the house i can get 200-300mbps or more. Never get network dropouts. DAC is as silent as silent can be. My bits prefer to fly first class as opposed to taking the train.  Due to the excellent safety systems built in, my flying bits always get there, even if there is a delay. Do you think how your bits get to your DAC is the limiting thing in your system?

I recently replaced the stock wall wart on my router and cable modem with a linear power supply (for the second time), and was astonished at how big a difference it makes!! Much blacker background and noticeably better detail. Wired is better, at least until we are well into the WiFi 7 era.

I wouldn’t switch to the Bryston WiFi dongle. Either go hard wired from router or use mesh network. In either case, before getting into audiophile switches I would suggest a good quality ethernet cable or a passive filter (+1 @lalitk on Network Acoustics Eno). Try getting the cable run connecting to your streamer as short as possible and use best possible cable there. One of a good quality ones that wont break the bank is the LinkUp cable from Amazon. Good construction and excellent connectors. 

How could I possibly get a blacker background than silent?  I only need 2-10 megabits/second. How does going from 300 megabits/second to > 1 gigabit / second make it sound better? Do the bits arrive more refreshed from their shorter journey? If you start with perfect, how do you make it better?