Widow needs help: Sennheiser HD650 headphones

Hi All,
I’m a widow at the tail end of selling my husband’s estate and I'm trying to sell his Sennheiser HD650 headphones.

They're in great condition--both cosmetically and working-wise. In fact, they look like they were barely even used. The foam padding on the inside of the headband & the ear pads look brand new  I've got the original box and the original hinged box with the foam inside that the headphones rest on.Those are in wonderful condition. I've also got the cable adaptor--the only thing I don't have is the user manual. 

I had a potential buyer inquire as to when these were purchased as he said this model has changed over time. I know they were purchased in Sept. 2011. 

When I go to HiFiShark dot com & click on the links for the headphones that have sold in the U.S. & in the same condition, I'm not seeing where people have specified what year the headphones are from. Or am I blind? Does the year make a difference?



It does - production was moved to Asia somewhat recently, so if it's made in ireland, it tends to fetch a higher price. The country of manufacture should be on the inside of the headband below the headpad.


Some folks claim that Sennheiser changed the sound over the years, but they've denied that any switches they made affected the frequency response. Here's a link to a discussion on Head-Fi about the change.

Those are excellent affordable reference headphones (I have a pair!). Do you listen to music? Would you consider keeping them?


I’ve got another pair of headphones (Sennheiser HD 200 Pro) that are good enough for me. I could use the money instead.


Thanks for your info.  I just checked my headphones & they were made in Ireland. It sounds like you're saying that's a selling point...
I also looked at the thread you linked to in your reply...  Like you said, it seems like some think the later ones have better sound and others disagree.

I know I'm not supposed to ask pricing questions here, but at this point I don't know what I should price them at based on the information I now have.

Is Made in Ireland a selling point or not? And is the fact that they were produced in 2011 (or maybe right before) a selling point...or not?  I'm confused.

Seriously, find a buyer who is far less pedantic. You don’t deserve the hassle over a $300 item. I’ve owned many examples of HD650 over almost 20 years, and yes there are slight variations but all are wonderful. 2011-ish is indeed a good year for them (I bought some HD650 drivers that year, I think); state you think that’s when they’re from and that’s all you need to do. I’m a headphone extreme guy and even I wouldn’t deal with more than that lol.

head-fi.com is the forum you seek for esoteric headphone knowledge, and they also have a classified section that’s free and very likely to snag a quick sale.