Why Music Has Lost it’s Charms (Article)

I found this article while surfing the web tonight. If it’s already been posted I apologize.



@jbhiller Barriers to entry much less today than ever, I agree may be more difficult to find the cream only due to much larger catalog to choose from. On the other hand, easier than ever to find the cream with streaming, one can sample great number of releases in relatively little time. Prior to streaming the only place I discovered less commercial music was University student radios stations and a few independents,


How do we know the cream easily rose to the top from 30's-70's with oligopolies controlling music business. There was exclusive cadre of A&R guys, vast majority looking for profit generating artists, perfect climate for domination of commercial music.


I agree far more distractions and entertainment  venues exist for young folks today, music as anything more than background noise is minority pursuit. But then, hasn't music always served that purpose for the vast majority.


My perception of those who can't find quality music from recent times. I observe many use music to reminisce and/or hear familiar themes from the decades they more relate to. I understand the nostalgia and reminiscing, don't understand the mental block for more recent music, plenty of newer music and artists with retro sound and themes. The other thing I don't understand is avoidance of newer genres and lack of curiosity, arguments as to lack of musicianship is just a weak rationalization for chosen ignorance and closed mind. Music, just like everything changes over time, sometimes for the best, sometimes for the worse, never only for the worst or best.

Unless they listen to Jazz or Classical  people  under 70 have listen to junk and have no idea what good music is ,

If you are on the web, an older individual (I consider myself somewhat in that vein) wasting both time and mental energy to rant about the quality of music made today, while extolling the virtues of your personally favourite time and genre, then  ...... oh heck, if you can't figure out the conclusion to this sentence, nothing I say is going to change anything :-)


I'm almost 71, I don't like jazz and am not much into classical, so I am proud to have listened to just junk and have no idea what good music is!! 🤣🤣🤣