Washing machine done notifications

So I have a smart plug tasmotized that sends me the current power consumption along with other parameters (reactive, apparent, active power) to mqtt and then connected to a backend. How do I know when the washing machine is done?

My main concern is that the power rises and drops during different stages and will not be accurate. I thought I could eventually gather enough data to do an AI model, but I cannot find a dataset. And the system will improve eventually, but after some time.

Do you have any ideas how to do it right?



With all due respect, this is an audio forum.

You’re talking about washing machines.

voltage spikes or sags can reduce the effiency of all connected electronics. Seems like a power conditioner would be useful for that machine, and also perhaps your audio system.

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Since first acquring it, I want more people to experience it. Faster charging for any smartphone (with or without Power Delivery certified, power factor correction, noise filtration,etc. the list goes on...

And probably the best part?! it only uses a Watt of power on its own. That means huge electricity savings vs a common power bar or an expensive power conditioner that may use over 20 watts (most rely on old-tech and techno-jargon) about improving sound quality. Marketing departments can be a little too creative sometimes!

What we want is optimal performance of all connected electronics! No story-selling!

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More information is required...

Did the washing machine eat some chicken and then turn into a swing?

Be very careful as to how you answer this question.