Whole house audio: Wifi vs Blutooth

I've got a whole house system with 5 zones. The kids want to easily run their own music through this instead of what I've got running. AudioEngine B1(blutooth) vs Denon Heos Link (wifi) are a great example of two decent units that will get it done for me.
I'm looking for suggestions on ease of use, connectivity and sound quality for 3 or 4 users. Thanks.
Both, WiFi and Bluetooth, are for background listening as the bandwidth is pretty low. When serious listen is needed go direct from input source to your hi end listening rig.
Wire your house with CAT 6 Ethernet cable.

It is cheap wire, and you will have a very fast connection, without WiFi dropout spots in your house.

Bluetooth only has a thirty foot range, and poor audio.
Thanks for the help, or not. This will be for background listening only (ie kitchen while cooking or singing in my shower). Audioengine claims 100 foot range with decent quality. And yes, my house is prewired with cat 5 everywhere. However, my kids aren't going to drag a laptop around the house and physically plug in.

I have high end audio in both my listening room and office but like simple music everywhere. So, what's better with a phone as a source, wifi or blutooth?