Which tube preamp meets all these needs?

There are so many tube preamps. Are there any that fit the following criteria?
1) Actually has a "tubey" sound (as opposed to really neutral sound like Audio Research).
2) Is fully balanced (all the rest of my components are and I'd like to continue to take advantage of this).
3) Has a HT bypass of some sort.
4) Has a remote that controls volume and switching sources (I was looking at BAT vk3ix, but that remote for some reason doesn't control source switching).
5) Can be had used for 2k or under.
Rest of system is Theta front end and amp, Snell speakers, Rel sub. Please help point me in the right direction. Thanks. -Dave
#5 reduces the list dramatically. However, the BAT VK5 series may come very close to your criteria. But I am not sure it has a HT bypass. And unfortunately finding a tube preamp (with HT bypass) that does not need to be powered on is really tough.
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I believe a Sunfire Classic vacuum tube preamp might fit the bill. I had one a few years back and it was quite good! It has balanced outs, but I don't think its completely differential internally, but for under 2k, that probably isn't going to happen. It also supports a phono stage, while mine didn't have the card, it was also supposed to be pretty decent. I remember the pre was quiet, and added a nice touch of warmth to my system, which is what I presume you are looking for.
Ericjcabrera, an Aesthetix Calypso has everything plus remote phase switching ,used between$2500-3000. Tube rolling gives big results with 12Ax7WB imput and 6922 output and because of the many choices available in these two types the sound is very modifiable.
I suppose I can be a BIT flexible on #5 if that opens up the options. However, I'm confused by the BAT responders. The vk5i has a unity gain, I think, which is an HT bypass. However, I thought that the Bat vk3ix remote did not have source switching. It would be odd that the older 3i and 5i have it? What am I missing?

The Audio Horizons was recommended to me, but this isn't fully balanced. Thanks for the rec on Sunfire Bostonaudi, but I do want fully balanced. Should be possible in my price range (I hope). My current preamp (Simaudio P5) meets all of these criteria, I got it for under 2k, it's just not a tuber.

Thanks for the responses so far - keep the help coming please.
HT bypass can mean different things. If all you are concerned with is "unity gain" that is fine. But in this mode does the input get hard wired directly to the output or does it go through active circuitry first?
The old Sonic Frontiers Pre-amps might work, although you might not find them "tubey" enough for your taste. Upscale Audio in Upland, Ca has a top of range Line 3 (probably the one I traded in there last year) listed for $2500 on their web site. It is a terrific sounding 2 chassis pre with all of the features you seek. I traded it because a) it needed some minor repair/maintenance and b) my new listening room made locating the 2nd chassis a pain in the ass. I'm sure that Upscale has seen to the repair and maintenance issues.

Good Luck

VTL 5.5 ! Has a quite complete remote but not sure about a source selector but has phase inverter and the rest.