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How can I tell if I am overdriving the amp or the speakers?
Look at the Stereophile review of the Kef Reference 5 (2017). Go to measurements and look at first graph, the impedance curve is the solid line. 1k - 5k they appear easy to drive. I would try reducing the 4' distance from speaker to side wall, if ... 
Band names made up of audiophile jargon
ResistorDouble BlindBiasDynamicsVariacsGroundedAmperexTelefunkenSine Waves130db 
What are the items/models that you have owned more than once? And loaning "software".
Basis Vector 3 tonearmBasis Vector 4 tonearmJoule Electra VZN-160 Marquis MK lllJoule Electra VZN-160 Grand Marquis MKV Musicwood 
How does the sound of the PCC88 and PCC189 compare to the 6922/6DJ8 and its iterations?
Sorry about that ! Brent Jesse Tubes lists and mentions them in the descriptions of tubes.   
How does the sound of the PCC88 and PCC189 compare to the 6922/6DJ8 and its iterations?
This is a good source of info: 
Preamplifier for Quicksilver V4s
I also had the Aesthetix Calypso with the V4's and was very happy with it. The Calypso easily handles everything the V4's puts out with room to spare.  
Atma-sphere Updates
I have never read anything negative in Ralph's answers on A-gon and another site with an OTL specific area. He has made himself available to the community something I appreciate and respect. Thanks Ralph for everything you give to our community. 
Take a tour of Nelson Pass’ listening room
That was great, thanks for posting ! 
What’s your vote for the most ridiculous, overpriced, and useless tweak?
Not useless but completely overpriced Shun Mook LP Clamp $3200.00 ! I'll sacrifice the improvement over my Purist clamp and use the monies for tubes etc. 
Jadis DA-7
Brooks Berdan Ltd in Monrovia Ca. sells Jadis and they are familier with the Defy 7.Sam 
Does anyone use wood for vibration control?
I prefer maple butcher block under my Joule Musicwood amps and a harder material under the Joule Mk III amps.The rest of my shelves are Black Diamond Racing carbon fiber shelves under the TT, pre, phono and CD. 
Wilson Audio Sasha 2 for small room?
Any movement on a decision about the Sasha 2 ? 
Wilson Audio Sasha 2 for small room?
Can you use/add room treatments ?  
What are the best speakers you have ever owned and why?
Watt/Puppy System 8..........with Joule Electra 160 Mk lll & Mk V amps. 
I’m gob smacked. What were you’re aha moments?
Hearing Joule 160's in my system I was moved emotionally to teary eyed from the beauty of the sound, I couldn't stop for 8 hrs + !