What's Multiple Amplifier Thoughput on Krell amps?

Been trying to research this "Multiple Amplifier Thoughput" or MAT on Krell amps, and finding little.
Krell owners, what is this feature? Does this mean I can send (for instance) the L/R signal out preamp to all the amps in a Krell multi-channel amp using only one pair of interconnects going into the Krell amp?
Please explain. Thanks!
Doug, MAT is a feature on Krell multi amps. You can tell the amp what to do with each input. I have a TAS that I use to biamp my surrounds and a single rear. So I have three cables going in and five channels out. With two of these amps you could do a sick distributed audio system in your house: left zone two out of pre to left amp powering five speakers. Right out of zone two from pre to right amp powering five speakers. Get it? One input can go to as many as five amp channels. Z.
Zieman, thanks for the info! It sounds like the MAT feature gives an incredible amount of flexibility to a person's system. I had not heard of such a feature before, but would think such things as MAT will increasingly become common in amplifiers in this age of surround, whole-house sound, etc.
Thanks Doug, As much as I love my Krell, Rotel and many distributed audio mfgrs. did it first. Can you imagine two 8000 dollar amps for background music? Z.